Friday Faves!

Happy Friday ! Here are just a few of my favorite things of the week!

Post workout poptarts
Yup, I jumped on the poptart bandwagon. I totally forgot how good they were!

Cara Cara oranges 
I can only find these certain time of the year, but they are sooo good! Great addition to my breakfast for lunch!

Yummy protein shakes...
and a "secret" ingredient: Cool Whip. Who knew? It was awesome mixed in with my vanilla ice cream Iso-whey!

Healthier pizza
I've been on a pizza kick lately. Last weekend we made a pizza at home, then had this for dinner Tuesday night...and we're going out for pizza this weekend! Guess you can never get too much pizza! ;)

Waffles for dinner!
Usually I have eggs for lunch but my schedule was a little out of wack yesterday and I wasn't able to eat much throughout the day, so I made a big bunch of eggs and a couple of waffles for dinner. So yummy!

Jodi Picoult 
I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult books. This one was really good...but then got a little weird at the end. Still thought it was pretty good though overall. 

And some of my fave articles of the past few weeks: 


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