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This week's workout's went well. Right now my focus is on maintaining my strength while keeping the reps more in the hypertrophy range. While I enjoying following a plan, I also train intuitively based on how I feel from day to day. Sometimes I may skip an exercise I have planned, swap it for something different, or do more or less sets/reps. I'm liking my workouts right now, but I downloaded Brandon Lilly's Cube method, and I'm contemplating starting that in a couple months. Has anyone tried that one?

I was able to go up five pounds on bench press and still get the same number of reps. I also did an extra set of pullups with weight and was also able to get 2 sets of 8 reps with the 45s on dumbbell chest presses. Gonna go for the 50s next week and see how many I can get!

1)Bench press: 95x6/100x6/100x6/100x8
2)Wide grip fat bar pullups w/weight: 12lbs x4x5/ bodyweight x6
3a)DB chest press: 40x8/45x8/45x8/40x10
3b)Seated cable row: 2x8/1x12
4a)EZ bar curls: 35x12/45x2x8
4b)L-sit on rings: 3x15 seconds
Farmer's walks w/KBs: 70lbs x35 seconds x4/ band walks
Pullaparts: 3x12


This week I kept the weight the same on my 6 rep sets but was able to get 2 more reps on my "all out" set of squats. But it sucked! High rep squats are horrible. Next week my goals is to increase the weight on the 6 rep set. I did good mornings this week instead of RDLs because I really want to get stronger on them, as I know they'll help my squats. I still don't like them much, but as long as I don't try to go super heavy yet, I think I'll get the feel for them eventually. I did an extra set of step ups this week also... and I still hate them. I'd rather do heavy Bulgarian split squats any day!  I kept my hip thrusts a little lighter this week for sets of 10. I find that I get the best booty burn in the 10-12 rep range with 155-185 lbs.

1)Box jumps 30" 3x3

2)Squats: 135x6/155x6/155x6/145x12
2)Good mornings: 65x10/75x8/85x8/85x8
3)High box step up: 17.5(dumbbells) x3x8
4)Hip thrusts: 155x10/185x3x10
5)KB swings: 60x3x10
6a)Band abductions: 3x20
6b)Dragonflies: 3x8

I added a little weight this week to the overhead press, but lowered the reps and did an extra set. I love using the Swiss bar...if that's even what it's called? It's very shaky, which makes it that much more challenging than a regular barbell. I switched this workout up a bit as far as the accessory lifts. It was a really short workout, so I did some gymnastics stuff and then some rope pulls at the end just for fun!

1)Swiss bar overhead press: Bar+10lbs x 4 x 6

(I have no clue what the bar weighs, but I'm pretty sure it's more than a standard bar)
2a)Chinups: 3x8
2b)Pushups on dumbbells w/pause: 4x10 
3a)Chest supported DB rows: 40x10/35x10/35x10
3b)Lateral raise: 2x12/1x15
4)Chest supported reverse flies: 3x12-15
Handstand walk and hold practice(got 2 sets of a 15 second hold!)/ rope pulls w/ the sled x4


I decided to go with deficit trap bar deadlifts this week just for something different and to work my quads a little more. I really liked them. Then I did front box squats which were super hard. Box squats in general are hard for me, which shows that I need to work on them! And it will only help me sit back more in my squat and use more of my glutes and hamstrings. I finished with some posterior chain work and then heavy sled drags, which I LOVED. Worked up to 350 pounds but can definitely go a little heavier next time! Hoping to grow these quads!

1)Trap bar deficit deadlift: 135x6/135x6/155x6/175x5/185x3

2)Front box squat: 95x8/105x8/105x8
3)Glute ham raises: 10lbs x 3x12
4) Reverse hypers: 3x15
5)Single leg glute bridge: 3x10-12
5b)Ball pike: 3x12
Sled drags: 270-290-310-330x3-350x2 (~20 seconds)


  1. Oh honey!!!!!!!!! You look so amazing :) <3

    I loved the descriptions you wrote before each of your workouts this week! Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3 I loved reading that! These workouts look great!

    I've never heard of that method you mentioned.

    I have actually been enjoying the step ups! I hate bulgarian split squats thought ;)

  2. Thank you!
    Well, I will be glad when this cycle is over to swap the step ups for something else! Although I know I need to be doing them!

  3. always love your routines, they have helped me keep mine interesting since I get workout ADD so easy and always wanting to change exercises LOL. Question, for hypertrophy do you generally keep your reps between 6-12 range? thanks.

    1. Thanks! I keep the reps usually around 6-10, with 12 reps being the absolute highest mostly for for isolation exercises. My favorite rep range is 5-8 but I do try to change it up sometimes.


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