Workouts of the Week

This was a great workout! I went up 5 lbs on bench press for 2 sets of 6, then did a back off set with 95 lbs, and got an extra rep than I did 2 weeks ago on my all out set.  I increased the weight I used for pullups this week also.  And for chest presses I tried the 50lbs dumbbells and was able to get 5 reps-it's been so long since I've used the 50s, so I gotta get my strength back on those! Also decided to go heavier on bicep curls, which I never do(usually I just go for the pump, yo!), and was surprised to get 8 reps with the 50lb bar pretty easily.

1)Bench press: 95x6/105x6/105x6/95x9

2)Wide grip fat bar pullups: 15x3x5/bodyweight x9
3a)Tbar row: 55x2x10/45x13
3b)DB chest press: 50x5/45x8/40x10/40x10
4a)EZ bar curls: 50x2x8/40x12
4b)Lsit hold: 3x15 seconds
Farmer's walks(60lb dumbbells x25ish seconds, 3x) + pull-aparts(3x20)
1 arm overhead carries(40lbs x 25 seconds, 2x)+calf raises(3x20)


Squats felt SO good this week! I don't know what it was, but 155 felt easy enough that I could get 3 sets of 8. Love when I feel strong on squats! After that I did my favorite exercise this week, RDLs, and then hip thrusts and step ups. The dreaded steps ups...they're really hard, but maybe doing those the last few weeks are one of the reasons my squats felt so good today, who knows!

1)Squat jumps: 3x6

2)Squats: 155x3x8
3)Hip thrusts: 155x10/185x8/205x8/185x10
4)High box step ups: 17.5(dumbbells)x2x8/ 1x10 (holding only 1 dumbbell)
5a)Band abductions: 3x20
5b)Hanging toes to bar: 3x10
KB swings: 70x2x10

Another great upper body workout! Felt really good and strong. I weighed the swiss bar today and it's about 50-55 lbs, so that's good to know. I worked up to a heavy set of 1 arm rows and then did weighted dips this week, which was fun! I love hooking a plate up to my waist like the boys. ;) For some reason adding weight for me is easier than doing them with no weight, it's so weird.

1)Swiss Bar Overhead press: Bar+10lbs x6/ +15x6/6/ Bar x10
2a)1 arm DB row:45x8/55x6/65x6/70x6
2b)Weighted dips: 25x8/8/8/6
4a)Lateral raise: 1x12/2x15
4b)Face pulls: 2x15 
Handstand practice

I wanted to do some conventional deads this week, so I worked up to a single, and then did a couple of lighter sumo sets after that. Still do NOT like sumo deadlifts, but I'm gonna keep working on them! Next week I'll take a deload from deadlifts, and then I'm going to try a more structured deadlift plan. After deads it was front box squats again(which were really hard!), then a little posterior chain work and heavy sled drags and abs to finish. Felt like I could've done more after this workout, but sometimes you do what you need to do and there's no need to do more just to feel completely exhausted!

1)Deadlift: 185x3/205x2/225x1/ Sumo deadlift: 185x2x5
2)Front box squat: 95x8/105x8/105x8
3)Glute ham raises: 10lbs x 3x12
4a)Single leg glute bridge: 4x10
4b)Lateral band walks: 2x10
5)Ball pikes: 3x12/ Stir the pot: 2x30 seconds
Sled drags: 230/280/330/350x3 (15-20 seconds)


  1. looks like an awesome week sweetie!!!!!!!! :) you seem so happy!!!!!!! thanks for the videos!!!!!!!!!! i looooove them

  2. how long do you rest between sets, do you go by feel or have a set time like 90-120sec for big compound lifts? continue to get great ideas from your posts, I started doing finishers at the end of some of my workouts which I am loving!

    1. I usually rest a couple minutes between sets of the first exercise, then a minute to 90 seconds for the rest of the exercises. I'm glad you're liking them!

  3. Lindsay - you posted an IG pic of that turkey and veggie soup. Would you mind sharing the recipe for that? It looks fabulous! (Also looks like a great multi-day meal!) :-)

    Thank you! ~Jen

  4. Hey girl! I just wanted to say I have been a long-time follower (and IG stalker :-) ) and I absolutely love your blog - I look forward to all your posts - keep kicking ass!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much, I appreciate it! :)

  5. Always love seeing what others are up to in the gym :)

  6. Hey I just loved your weekly schedule for workout. You know I am thinking to exercise regularly and your schedule will help me to prepare a good weekly plan for my workout. I am also having a thought to use natural preworkout supplements.


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