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This week on bench I was able to work up to a heavy set of 6 with 110 lbs, then did some back off sets after that. Got an extra rep with 95lbs this week on my all out set! Also did an extra set of weighted pullups and was able to get an extra rep with the 50s this week, woohoo! Now I gotta get back to doing 8 reps like I was before!

1)Bench press: 95x6/105x6/110x6/105x6/95x10
2)Weighted  pullups (wide grip/fat bar): 15x4x5/ 1x9(bodyweight)
3a)Tbar row: 55x10/8/8+ drop set x 5
3b)DB chest press: 50x6/45x8/ 40x9/35x12
5a)EZ bar curls: 50x8/40x10/ DBs-17.5x8+ 4(drop set)
5b)Lsit hold: 4x15 seconds
6a)Calf raises: 3x20
6b)Pull-aparts :2x25/1x20

1 arm plate carry: 25lbs x 15seconds x2(each arm)/ Overhead dumbbell carry 40lbs x 25 seconds x3 (each arm)

Great leg workout this week! My squats have just been feeling really great, I love it! I have narrowed my stance some since the meet, which I like much better. And I've been squatting in tennis shoes, which I know you're not "supposed" to do...but whatever, if it feels good, why not? I was able to go up to 165 for my 6 rep set. I did wear a belt, which I never do unless I'm maxing but I figured I'd try it just for my heaviest set today. Then I backed down reverse pyramid style and did a set of 8 and then 12. Hip thrusts are the only thing that haven't been feeling great lately. For whatever reason, my glutes just don't seem to be kicking in. But good mornings are feeling much better-I am finally getting the feel for them! See, sometimes when you hate an exercise at first and just don't "feel" it, it's just a matter of practicing and doing it more! I remember how much I hated hip thrusts at first, and now I love them(well, most of the time!)

1)Squat jumps: 3x6
2)Squats:  95x8/135x6/ 155x6/165x6/155x8/145x12
3)Good mornings: 65x8/85x8/95x8/95x8
4)High box step ups: 17.5x8/17.5x8/ 1x10 w/ 1 dumbbell at chest
5)Hip thrusts: 155x10/185x8/8/8/155x10
6)Dragonflies: 2x8/ Toes to bar 2x8

Farmer's walks 60lbs x 3x35 seconds + Band abductions 3x20

I didn't go heavier on presses this week, but I did add another set and on my last set I did 4 extra reps as push presses when I couldn't get any more strict. I swapped out cable rows for 1 arm rows today, and did my chinups on the fat bar. For some reason, my lats were just totally on fire when I was doing my chinups! So I lowered the reps and did an extra set. Friday's workouts are so short that I always play around at the end, hence the rope pulls and handstands! I also did a little practice with human flags and front levers. Should probably start doing that at the beginning if my workouts though, and not when I'm super fatigued! 

1)Swiss Bar Overhead press: Bar x6/+10x6/+15x6/+15x6/ +10x6 + 4 push presses
2a)Cable row: 10/10/8/8
2b)Weighted dips: 25x3x8
3)Fat bar chinups: x8/6/6/6
4a)Lateral raise: 3x12
4b)Reverse flyes: 3x12

Rope pulls w/sled 4x + handstand practice

Since I did heavy deadlifts last week, I decided to skip them and start my workout with power cleans instead. I'm going to start alternating heavy and light weeks with deadlifts from here on out, as I don't think going heavy week after week works for me. I added an extra set of front squats today, without the box, and also did some back extensions. Went up to 380 today on my sled drags! Love the quad burn!

1)Hang power cleans: 95x5/115x3/125x2/1/1/1 (failed at 130)
2)Front squat: 95x8/115x3x8
3)GHR: 4x10 w/10lbs
4a)Back extensions: 15lbs x 3x15
4b)Lateral band walks: 3x10 each way
Sled drags: 270/320/340/360 x 4/380
TRX ab pikes 3x12

Next week I'm going to cut back on the intensity some as far as weights go and take a week off from some of the big lifts(bench and deadlifts), and then I'll start a new routine for next month and ramp back up. Mostly just going to change up some exercises and maybe rep ranges for this next phase. I'll leavy you with a video of some 2014 training clips. I'm a little late with this, but better late than never, right?


  1. Hi Lindsay, how many warm-up sets do you do to work up to your working weight for your main lifts like squats and deadlifts? Tks :)

    1. I normally will do something like the bar x10, then make 10-20lb jumps for upper body and 20-30lb jumps for lower body after that, usually sets of 5-6 until I get to the weight I want to be at. For example, my squat warmup would be 45x10/ 95x6-8/ 135x6, then working sets.


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