"Deload" Workouts & My Weekly Treat Meal

I planned on working out from home Monday and Wednesday, then at the gym Friday and Saturday, but we ended up getting another round of bad weather Saturday so I figured I might as well just stay in and get my workout in at home.

I did all of my home workouts with just a band and a 35 pound kettlebell. I LOVE going to the gym and lifting with barbells, but I do think that having some things at home to work with is a great investment.

There are some days in the summer, for example, when it's just so nice out that I want to skip the gym and workout outside in the sunshine. Which is another reason I love not having to always follow a structured program!

 The next thing I want to get is a pullup bar, and I'd be set! You can absolutely get in some great workouts with minimal equipment!

Monday(home workout)-Full body
1a)Goblet squat 3x10 w/35lbs
1b)Pushups 3x10(single leg, alternating)
2a)Pullaparts 3x12
2b)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge 3x12
3a)Band kneeling hip thrust 3x15
3b)Side plank 2x20 seconds
4)Side lying clam raises: 3x10
5)Bicep curls 2x12

Wednesday(home workout)-Full body
1a)Reverse lunge: 3x10
1b)Pullaparts: 3x15
2a)Pushups: 3x10
2b)Single leg hip thrust: 3x12
3a)KB swings: 3x15
3b)Reverse crunches: 3x15
4)Band walks: 3x10
5)Lsit holds & handstand practice

Friday(gym workout) -Upper body
1a)Handstand pushups: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
1b)Ring Pullups: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
2a)Cable rows: 3x10
2b)Dips: 3x10
3)Lateral raises: 3x12
4)TRX reverse flyes: 2x12
5)Stir the pot plank/ Ball pikes
Handstand practice

Saturday(home workout)-Lower body
1)Bulgarian split squat: 35lbs x 3x8
2)Single leg RDL: 35x3x12
3)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12
4)Side lying clam raise: x12/10
5)Band kneeling hip thrust: 2x20
6)Negative ab wheel rollouts 2x10
Finisher: Lunge jumps x 16-15-14-13-12-11-10(total, not per leg)
Bear crawls 3x forward and backwards

My husband and I went out for our "Valentine's" date Saturday. We decided to go to Carrabba's since we had a gift card, and it was actually really good!

I enjoyed the chicken marsala dish with mashed potatoes, a salad, and then this deliciousness. It was soooo good! 
I have one "splurge/treat/free meal" once a week, which almost always includes dinner and dessert, and I have done this for years.  I probably consume a couple thousand calories in just that one meal, which is pretty close to what I typically eat in one day! But...guess what? I don't wake up fatter from that one meal, just as you won't wake up skinny from one day of  healthy eating! 
I really do love all my healthy foods throughout the week, and I don't really have cravings for junk food. And whatever cravings I do have are satisfied by my protein muffins, dark chocolate squares, and post workout treats. ;) But I do love me some good food, and I have a big appetite, so I enjoy having a meal out or at home once a week where I can just eat whatever I want. I cut back just slightly on calories the next day, nothing extreme. And it's usually a rest day, so I don't do a workout to "work off" what I ate.

I know some people don't like this philosophy, but you have to find what works for YOU. Maybe you'd rather have a little ice cream or a few oreos every day rather than one big meal a week, and that is totally fine! It's just not the approach I take. Not that anything is ever off limits for me-if I really want something "bad" throughout the week, I'll have it, or I'll just have a square of dark chocolate and be satisfied.

I'm not trying to brag or anything-I post this only because I want people to realize that it is OKAY to relax about your nutrition every now and then. I'm not saying you should go crazy and binge, but it's OKAY to have one meal where you don't stress about your macros or calories! You gotta enjoy life! Like the phrase I've been seeing floating around on social media, I don't want to look back on my life, and think, "I could have eaten that."

Do you ever workout at home? Are you a once a week treat meal or a daily treat person? 


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