Five Things Friday

*I tried a Think Thin bar this week for the first time, and it was sooo good! I had it with 4 oz of chicken for my mid-morning snack. Still love my cookie dough Quest bars, but this was a nice change!

*I've been craving a PB & J this happened after leg day Wednesday. I used some kind of soft wheat bread I had(because pb&j is better on soft bread-it's a fact.), Trader Joe's strawberry preserves, and PB2(just because I like to save my fats for real peanut butter before bed!). I definitely need to make this happen more often. 

*I've been thinking about going "no poo" in not shampooing my hair. Have any of you tried this? I don't wash my hair every day, I use sulfate free shampoo, and I let it air dry most of the time...but I still think it looks horrible.  I do sometimes blow dry and straighten it, but that is not something I can realistically stop doing.  I've seen that a lot of people use baking soda and apple cider vinegar, but then I've read that baking soda damaged some people's hair, so I'm scared to try it! Especially with curly/wavy hair like mine. My life would be so much easier if my hair was straight! I am going to try this DIY dry shampoo that found on Pinterest, using just cocoa and corn starch.  Maybe just cutting back to shampooing like once a week would help.

*I just finished The StoryTeller by Jodi Picoult last week, and I absolutely LOVED it. Now I'm finally getting around to reading the last book in the Divergent series. I'm excited for the Insurgent movie coming out next month!

* I'll leave you with a couple articles(and a video) I enjoyed this week:

Hope you have a great weekend! Have you read any good books lately?


  1. My hair is the WORST but mostly from dying it all the time... I could never not shampoo it (it gets way too greasy) but I have been taking biotin and using Organix Coconut anti-breakage serum and have had amazing results! Seriously I can't say enough good about it!

    1. I don't even dye mine! I'm going to go back to taking Biotin and maybe I'll give that serum a try! Thanks!

  2. I personally only shampoo 1 x per week! I love it! I was scared to try the baking soda and ACV too, I just don't want to risk it! So I am sticking with natural shampoos/conditioners and only shampooing 1 x per week!

    1. I wash 2, maybe 3 times a week, so maybe just cutting back to once will help. It's just hard with crazy, wavy hair because it can do some funky things after sleeping on it! lol


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