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Being healthy shouldn’t stress you out, overwhelm you, or make you feel bad about yourself.
It shouldn't be about constantly chasing lower body fat, better glutes, tougher workouts, or some state of “perfection.”
It shouldn't mean your happiness is on hold until you reach certain goals.
Being healthy should make your life better and, eventually, easier.
It should build you up, reduce your stress, and enhance the rest of your life.
It should make you appreciate your body for the amazing things it’s capable of doing, not just the way it looks.
It should make you and your life more awesome.
-Nia Shanks


  1. This is so true. In my experience, pretty much everyone I know (female) that either has, or is in the process of, losing weight has made various comments that relate to this post. It comes in the form of, "I'd be happy IF I could lose "x" pounds or "when I finally get to my goal, THEN........" and of those people they have also all realized that even when they get to their desired weight....that it didn't magically create this wonderful life they were hoping for. Getting to that realization may come only after failed attempts or finally reaching a desired body weight (not taking into consideration body fat levels since it's usually just about the scale). But you see the emotion on the faces of those who talk about it and it's almost like that harsh reality that has sunk in.

    I don't know if people can take this info ahead of time and really put it to use in their own lives or if it's a process any one person has to go through on his or her own, but that doesn't make it any less true. It would just save a lot of time and heartache to really be able to take this message and apply it realistically to one's own life. That said, when you get the message and are able to live it...it all of a sudden makes so much sense!

    The people I know personally (the ones who have kept their weight off) have come to this realization....however, there are a few who have not yet and once again it's all about "when I lose this last 10 lbs". Everyone has hurdles to overcome.

    Thank you for re-posting this from Nia Shanks - good reminders for sure!


  2. I really needed to read these words of wisdom.


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