It's My Blog, and I'll Rant If I Want To!

Sometimes I get SO annoyed by the fitness world that I seriously can't stand it and want no part of it.

The constant obsessing about being on the "perfect" nutrition or training plan. Everyone  always trying outdo someone else, showing off their abs with daily mirror selfies that they got by eating nothing but chicken and asparagus. "IIFYM"ers freaking out about going over 3 grams on their macros. It's just craziness. Actually, it's sad.

I think everyone needs to take a chill pill and stop obsessing over their looks so much and worrying about gaining an ounce of fat or not being able to see their abs every day. For what, so you can show it off on Instagram? It's so dumb.

Calorie counting and macro obsessing is no way to live life. Stressing about food constantly and striving for the perfect, super ripped body all the time is just crazy. There's so much more to life than that. In the end, it's not even going to matter!

Thats why I preach balance so much.  Yes, we need to learn to make healthy choices, BUT we also need to learn to be okay if we can't be perfect ALL of the time.

Do you really want to be 80 and look back on your life and realize how much time you wasted worrying about what you were going to eat when you went out with friends? How much you missed out on just so you could show off your abs on Instagram? Do you really want your looks to define you? I know I don't.
Being healthy and strong is one thing, being obsessive is another. I love cheeseburgers and pizza and donuts, and I will never give those things up. I just want to live life, to eat without FEAR, and really enjoy what I eat. And to focus on what really matters in life. And guess what? It's not our freaking abs and muscles!!

I no longer worry or care about what this person does, or what that person says. Because who cares? Be confident in yourself and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Do what you love, lift heavy weights, eat lots of yummy, healthy food(and some not so healthy foods, too). It really is that simple.


  1. This is so true, and so well written! Sometimes this fitness-thing gets sooo overwhelming I need to take a break. Yesterday I deleted my ig account because I was so tired of the whole community. Fitness does not equal health, broccoli and chicken does not equal health either... It's all about FEELING good

  2. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that nobody can teach. Each person gets the opportunity to figure it out for him/herself. This topic IS book-worthy, but it really is that simple. The internet makes it soooo much more convenient for people to wallow in their own perceived short-comings. It's like a world-wide high school experiment online. People competing (and saying they aren't) for the most likes, etc.

    Now, the girls at the gym can not only do their 'peacock walk' (I really do think there should be a technical term for the 'walk') and the guys can take their flexing to the world. Some will eventually figure out that there is more, some won't. Maybe it takes a personal tragedy or maybe it takes that sudden realization that the pursuit of a specific physique affects those around them (and they decide they WILL care and not give them the figurative 'finger').

    There can be a lot of attitude involved and true growth involves getting beyond that attitude and having personal acceptance. As long as people have a way of putting it out there and everyone is 'loving' on feeds the inner look-at-me! If society didn't like that - we would have no Hollywood. If abs give a person that little piece of stardom......people will obsess about it and put it out there. Putting it out there is rewarded. People love rewards. I wonder this: If people were offered a huge amount of money OR to be adored by millions for the way they would be interesting to see which one people would choose.

    Great post Lindsay!

    1. Very true, Jen! The thing is, it's so easy to get sucked into that. I found it happening to me. But now I see it from a different perspective and it drives me crazy sometimes. I totally get wanting to show off your hard work...but too often people get consumed by it and it becomes what their whole life revolves around. I hope to promote a positive message and have a point to all my "selfies" , rather than just, hey look at me!


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