New Workout Plan

So what I've decided to do to work on building up my legs is to cut back on upper body exercises on Monday and add in a few exercises to hit the legs and glutes. I used Bret's powerlifting program as a guideline in this article, with a few changes to fit my lifting schedule.  Mondays I'll just be doing bench and pullups, a single leg exercise for quads, and then back extensions and lateral band walks for the glutes.

Right now I'm just experimenting to see what will or won't make me sore on Mondays, since I do want to be recovered for squats on Wednesday. I wanted to keep my squat day on Wednesday since I've found that's what works best for me. Mondays I just don't feel I have the energy to squat heavy! So I'll try this out for a month and see how it goes, and then adjust as needed. 

I also sent Bret a message about his thoughts, and he gave me some great feedback. (And he's pretty awesome for responding!!) He suggested having a hip thrust day, a squat day, and a deadlift day, which I really like! And getting stronger in multiple rep ranges over time. So maybe next week I'll make Monday a light hip thrust day, Wednesday squats, and Saturday deadlifts.

At some point I would like to get back to a structured strength plan again, but to save on stress, for now I'm just gonna keep doing my own thing. My goal right now obviously isn't maximal strength, but I'll get back to it, don't worry! I'm not wimping out or giving up on powerlifting. ;) I'm still lifting heavy on squats, bench and deadlifts, but right now just focusing on lower body hypertrophy more than anything. I'm excited to try something different! 
MONDAY (Bench)
I went with 5x5 for the reps on bench this week, and it was really hard!  I worked up to one top set, then dropped the weight for the last couple sets. I also did weighted pullups between sets, so maybe next time I'll just do them separately. After that I did reverse lunges, back extensions, and band walks and finished up with calf raises, abs, and some overhead carries and farmer's walks.  I have never really liked full body workouts much, but it wasn't too bad. And it's only one day, so I think I can handle it. ;) I actually was really sore in my glutes the next day! Next week I think I'll do hip thrusts instead of back extensions.

1a)Bench press: 95x5/105x5/110x5/105x5/105x5

1b)Pullups: 12lbs x 4x5 /bodyweight x5 (wide grip/ thick bar) 
2)Reverse single leg lunge: 20x10/22x10/25x10/22.5x10
3a)Lateral band walk: 3x12/leg 
3b)Bodyweight back extension: 3x15
4)Calf raises: 3x20/1x15
5a)Overhead carry: 45x2x30 seconds/ Farmer's walks: 70lb x 3x 20 seconds
5b)Hanging leg raises: 2x10/ Dragonflies (modified) 2x8
6)Pullaparts: 3x20

Squats felt really good today, and doing the extra leg work Monday didn't seem to interfere. I worked up to a heavy set of with 175, then 2 back off sets.  I decided  to do heavy, lower rep hip thrusts on Wednesdays since I haven't been working much in that range. It felt good to get back over 200 on those! I worked up to 2 sets with 225, and could have probably gone heavier. After that it was just abs and some more glute stuff.

Squat jumps 3x5
1)Back squat  5x5 @ 155-165-175-155-155 (2 heaviest sets w/belt) 

2)Barbell hip thrust: 185x5/205x5/225x5/225x5 w/10 second hold last rep 
3)Reverse hyper 70x12/90x12/100x12
4)TRX pikes: 1x12/TRX fallouts: 2x12/ body saws 1x12
5)Quadruped hip extensions with mini band: 2x20

 FRIDAY (Upper body accessory)

Decided to stick with push presses and wanted to go heavy, so I did 3 sets of 3 and then one set of 8. They feel a little weaker since I didn't do them for so long, but I'm sure I'll work my way back up once I start working on them more. Just finished up with some easy upper body stuff and some battle ropes.

1)Barbell clean+ push press: 95x3/105x3x3/95x8 (only one clean)
2a)Chest supported T-bar row: 65x3x8
2b)Pushups: 3x12

3a)Face pulls: 3x15
3b)L-sits : 3x15 seconds
4)EZ bar curls: 50x9/50x8/DB hammer curl-17x13
Battle ropes: 4x20 seconds + handstand holds


Worked up to 205 for 3 this week on deads and then some back off sets. Then I decided to do pause front squats, which were pretty hard-my first time ever doing them. After that it was just more posterior chain work and then heavy sled drags. Got to work out with my husband, which was fun! 

1)Sumo deadlift: 175x3/195x3/205x3/195x5/185x5
2)Front pause squat: 115x3x5
3)GHR: 3x15
4)KB swings: 60x10/73x2x10 

5)Band seated abductions: 2x25
*Sled drags: warmup sets, then 5x @ 340lbs (20 second drag, with about a minute/90 second rest)


  1. That is so awesome you messaged Brett! I love that he got back to you too! A hip thrust day sounds amaze ;)

    1. I know, I love him! ;) I'm excited to see if this will help with my booty gains! lol

  2. I just saw this article and thought of you - I am trying to bring my legs up too and up until lately the idea of a third leg day never crossed my mind, but I am definitely considering it more now!

  3. Only recently have I started to entertain the thought of adding a glute day to my typical training split. I try to add some glute work in here and there, but typically on a shoulder/abs day. Fortunately, I have plenty of glute for my liking, but what I am looking for is to get rid of (or at least LIFT the daylights out of) that gluteal fold area. I want that puppy to stand at attention!

    So, early this morning, I got in to the gym and trained with a variety of glute exercises. I have to say....I never thought "just" training glutes would be all that tiring ....WRONG! Holy Schnikes (think Tommy Boy movie) what a session! I am going to do this for a month or two and see what results show from this. As hard as it was, I am bound to see some improvements. Kind of excited - I do a lot of training, but have to say.....single leg weighted hip thrusts ALMOST make me cry like a baby! I have to suck it up ...big time.

    So, thanks for the tips - hopefully I'll be packin' the perky backside soon!

    ~Jen :-P

    1. I think that's a great idea that should really help target that area for sure! And yes, I love single leg hip thrusts, and with weight it's definitely super challenging! Hope it works for you!


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