Workouts Of The Week/Nutrition Update

MONDAY (Bench/hip thrust day)
Bench felt okay today. Decided to not push the weight but just do multiple sets of 5 at about 75-85% of my max. I've been doing them with my hands out a bit wider, and that's definitely harder for me. Pullups felt great. I wanted to go heavy, and was able to get 3 sets of 4 holding a 30lb dumbbell between my legs. That was fun!Then I moved on to hip thrusts, lunges, and band walks for the lower body. Hip thrusts felt good today . I did them pyramid style, working up to 205 for 6, then dropping the weight and doing another higher rep set. Not going for  max weight on these, but really focusing on using and feeling it in my glutes.

1a)Bench press: 95x5/105x4x5

1b)Pullups: 20x5/25x4/30x4/4/4
2)Hip thrusts: 135x12/165x10/195x8/206x6/155x12
3a)Reverse single leg lunge: 22.5x3x10
3b)Lateral band walks : 3x12
4a)Calf raises: (smith machine) 4x15-20
5b)Ab wheel rollouts: 3x8 to wall, 1x15 on knees

Farmer's walks w/dumbbells: 65lbs x 3x 25-30 seconds

WEDNESDAY (Squat day)  
Was able to work up to 180 for 5 today on squats, and then a set of 10 with 155... which I'm pretty sure is the most I've done with 155! I also went heavier for my last 2 sets of hip thrusts. They felt good! I do my heavier hip thrusts a little faster and explosive but still controlled. Also decided to try going heavier on back extensions, which is something I have never really done. I usually just do bodyweight or 15-25lbs for higher reps, but I think it's time to stop wimping out and step it up. Finished with lunge jumps for a little quad burn, superset with glute kickbacks, and then some side planks. I was too sore from Monday's ab wheel rollouts to do anything else for abs!

Squat jumps 3x5
1)Back squat: 155x5/175x5/180x5/155x10

2)Barbell hip thrust: 185x5/205x5/225x5/235x5/235x5
3)Back extensions : 30x10/ 40x10/40x10
4a)Lunge jumps 3x20(10 per leg)

4b)Band quadruped hip extensions 2x20/leg/ abductions 1x30
5)Side planks

 FRIDAY (Upper body accessory)

Great upper workout this week. Push presses felt easier, went heavier on rows, and then did heavy chest presses. Followed up with some isolation stuff and handstand practice. Fun workout!

1)Push press: 105x4/4/5/95x9
2a)Chest supported T-bar row: 70x6/6/6/55x10
2b)DB chest press: 45x8/50x6/6/45x8
3a)EZ bar curls: 50x10/8/ cable curl x15
3b)Lsits: 20/15/15/15 seconds
4)TRX reverse flyes: 3x12
5)TRX overhead extensions: x15/12
Handstand practice

SATURDAY(Deadlift day)

Had to switch up a few things this workout since there was a powerlifting meet going on where I usually train on Saturdays. Was able to get a squat rack for front squats and deads, which felt great today. Had to do machine leg curls instead of GHRs, which I don't really like but it does the job. Couldn't do prowlers, so I just did a few deadmill sprints, which were tough! My lung capacity is just no good...which is why I'm not a CrossFitter! But it was fun to do something different!

1)Hang power cleans: 95x3/115x3x3
2)Front squat: 95x6/115x6/125x6/130x6/6
3)Sumo deadlift:165x6/185x5/195x5/ RDL: 135x2x10
4)Leg curls: 3x12
5a)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12
5b)Band clams 3x20
6)Hanging leg raises: 10/8/8
Deadmill sprints: 5x15-20 seconds/ 1 minute rest

Nutrition is going great lately. I've added more carbs to pre and post workout, every thing else is the same. So getting in 40-50 grams of carbs with breakfast and post workout, sometimes more on leg day. Still have carbs at pretty much every meal. Carbs at night? Yup. Lots of fat? Yup-love my peanut butter! Obsessive tracking? Nope. Able to eat a cookie if I want it? Yup-no big deal. One weekly free meal/treat meal. Loving it! Gone are the carb fearing days. Gone is the constant food anxiety. No need to be miserable and restrictive!


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