Friday Faves!

Happy Friday!! 

The weather has been amazing lately. I think Spring is finally here to stay! 
I've been loving being able to sit outside and read. 

I just finished this book and really liked it!

Last weekend I was able to do my sled drags outside for the first time this year! I just love doing my workouts outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

We also had our first ride in the Jeep with the top and doors off last weekend. This is what we've been waiting for!

My first mixer of the year!
 I had been craving one for a while, so it definitely hit the spot-every single bite was heaven. I always get chocolate ice cream with double reese cups and peanut butter sauce.  A million calories of awesomeness right here.

I've been enjoying a few new treats lately...
Like my bedtime protein sludge snack-I so look forward to this meal! All I do is mix a scoop of Micellar whey with peanut butter and cashew milk to make a pudding consistency and then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Sometimes I add sugar free pancake or chocolate syrup to it, too! It's awesome.

Another thing I just recently tried was using protein milk in my post workout cereal. I just make my protein shake and then pour it over my cereal and let it sit for a few minutes to get soggy-it was really good with Honeycomb!

I also tried these Red Velvet poptarts after leg day this week, and they were delicious!

And just to show that I DO eat foods besides cereal and poptarts, here was a yummy meal I enjoyed out on the deck the other day: 

Oh, and I had some articles posted this week on and a feature in a article, so I thought I'd share them with you all!

*Have a great weekend!*


  1. Wow! Your Flex Friday pic on IG is just WOW! I sure wish I had that lighting to get some pics with. What type of light is it? Can you tell? I fight to find good lighting because it's all fluorescent style where I would take any. :(

    That Concrete from Culver's looks just wonderful too - no matter the lighting! LOL


    1. Thanks! It just has one bulb overhead-that's always the best! Not sure what kind of bulb it is.
      Haha, yes! And it tasted even better than it looks!

  2. I loved "Language of Flowers"! You should try "Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.... really good!


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