Quote of the Week

"It is always amazing to me when I hear someone say that they want to compete, develop a competitor type physique, or do a fitness challenge, but they dislike training.

They dislike sweat. 
They dislike pushing themselves.
The dislike being sore.

Yet, they want to look like they do.

They put on the outfits, get the attire, buy the programs, but continue to look for an easier way to achieve a physique that they do not want to earn.

They want a quick fix, something that offers instant gratification, and if they can not get it quick enough, they move onto the next plan that will work.

Program hopping, changing, and blaming.
The program was not personalized enough.
The program was not hard enough.
The program made me get too big/small.
The program is too time consuming.
The program....

If I was to say what ONE thing sets people apart in their successful fitness journey, it is in how hard they work in the gym and how much consistency they maintain.

This is not about quantifying time, it is about quality effort. It is about consistency, and patience.

They love to train, and each moment is about the sweat, the weights pushed, and the endorphins. They enjoy the days where it isn't all perfect and it requires a mental shift.

They take full accountability for their lack of effort some days, and they ride the curve of strength based on biofeedback. They know that even if they can not be ALL out, that even going is a good thing.

They are consistent, period.

They recognize that not every workout will be a home run, but at least they showed up to practice.

So, while you look for that physique you desire, ask yourself, "Do I love what I do?"
If you do not, find something new."



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