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I had a feeling bench would be good this week since I kept the weight light last week, and I was right. I think the burgers and ice cream I had the day before helped, too. ;) I worked up to 2 sets of 4 with 120(bodyweight), then a set of 6 with 115 which I think is a rep PR! Pullups also felt strong -I was able to get 3 sets of 5 with a 30lb dumbbell. I took it easy again on hip thrusts this week with high reps, then did Bulgarian split squats and band walks after those. I think I may take a break from hip thrusts next week and replace them with kettle bell swings. Split squats weren't horrible, but definitely not easy! Then  it was farmer's walks, pullaparts, and abs to finish, as always.

1)Bench: 95x3/105x3/115x3/120x4/120x4/115x6
2)Neutral grip pullups: 25x6/30x3x5/0x5(wide grip)
3)Hip thrusts: 155x12/175x3x12
4a)Bulgarian split squats: 20x10/25x10/30x10
4b)Band walks: 3x12
5a)Farmers walks 3x30 seconds w/65s
5b)Pullaparts: 25/20/15/15
6)Dragonfly 2x8/reverse crunch w/ 10lb weight 2x12

This week I decided to skip 185 and just jump up to 195 and see how many reps I could get-and I was able to get 4! That's definitely a rep PR for me, so that's exciting. I am determined to be squatting over 200 for reps one of these days! I think I've just always had a  fear of squatting heavy unless I'm maxing out...but it's time to get over that! After squats I did sets of 6 on hip thrusts, working up to 275. Then I did some reverse hypers, abs, and then a quad finisher. I changed the finisher up a little, but it was still tough. I love how my quads get so pumped up that they actually feel big, ha! I wish they actually WERE big!

1)Squat jumps: 3x5
2)Squats: 155x5/175x5/195x4/175x6
3)Pause squats: 155x2x6
4)Hip thrusts: 205x6/235x6/255x6/275x6/
5)Reverse  hypers: 110x12/130x10/140x10/90x12
6)Hanging leg raise: 2x10/Side plank 2x 25 seconds

22 squats(fast)
22 reverse lunges
22 lunge jumps
10 squat jumps 
1 minute rest
Round 1-1:53
Round 2-2:01

For push presses this week I got an extra rep with 115 but only 3 the second set. Then I just did a back off set with 105 and a couple of sets of handstand pushups. Everything else was accessory work and pump stuff. I did do a fun "finisher"of rope pulls with the sled and Lsits. My lats were on fire!

1)Snatch practice: 85x4x2/95x2
2)Push press: 95x3/105x3/115x4/115x3/105x5
3)Handstand pushups: x6/5
4a)1 arm chest press: 40x10/45x8/ 2 arm-45x8
4b)Cable row w/ rope attachment: 4x12
5a)Lateral raise: 2x12
5b)Ez bar drag curls: 14/12/ DB curl:x10+5(drop set)
6)Reverse fly: 2x14
Sled rope pulls 5x70lbs  + Lsits 4x15 seconds

Deadlifts felt good again this week! Worked up to 215 for 3, and that was not a max. But it's the most I've done for reps with sumo deadlifts! Then I just did a couple back off sets with 185. Next week I think I'll do some conventional speed singles since I haven't done them in forever! Did the leg press again this week because I just didn't want to do front squats. Hopefully I'll be back to those next week though. After that was glute ham raises and then I did a high rep set of goblet squats and finished with my glute burner superset. Then I went home and did 10 minutes of easy tire drags since it was a beautiful day again, followed by a stroll through the neighborhood.

1)Sumo deadlift: 155x3/185x3/205x2/215x3/185x2x5
2)Leg press: 270x12/320x2x10
3)GHR: 20x3x8/1x15
4)Goblet squat: 1x20 w/60lb dumbbell
5a)Seated band abduction: 3x20
5b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12
6)AB wheel from toes: 2x10
Tire drags- 10 minutes


  1. Your squats are so impressive - my PR right now is 175 for 5, but thats on a VERY good day. I'm usually right around 155.. And those sumo deads too! Damn girl, you are a machine! Keep it up! :-)

    1. Thanks! I've been at this for so long, I should be doing more! But I guess it's not too bad for my long, scrawny legs. And 175 is awesome!!


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