Changing Things Up....Maybe

Here are my workouts from last week:

Well, bench felt really crappy this week. I am definitely going to scale the weight back next week and slowly work back up. Pullups were good, at least. I kept the reps low and worked up to a 40lb dumbbell for an easy three reps. After that I decided to do some landmine presses, which I haven't done in forever. I really like them! Supersetted those with cable rows. Then I decided to do battle ropes for the finisher this week, with some band walks between sets.

1)DB hang snatch: 35x5/40x5/45x5
2a)Pullups: 20x5/25x3/30x3/35x3/40x3
2b)Bench press: 115x3x3/ 105x7/6
3a)1 arm DB press: 40x5/Landmine press: x10/8/8/8
3b)Cable row: 4x10
4)Ball pike: 3x12
Battle ropes 5x25ish seconds +
Band walks 3x12/ Band hip thrusts: 2x30

Squats felt okay this week, not my strongest but not horrible. Worked up to 185 for a couple sets of 3, a set of 5 with 175, and then a few sets of pause squats after that. Then I decided to do RDLs just because I love them and haven't done them in a while. After that was back extensions supersetted with seated abductions. I really liked those two exercises together-got a good little glute burn. Then I did calf raises and ab wheel rollouts. And this week, the quad finisher made a comeback! And it was killer. I decided to just do 2 rounds since it's been a while!

Box jumps: 5/3/3
1)Squats: 155x3/175x4/185x3/185x3/175x5
2)Pause squats: 155x3x6
3)RDLs: 115x10/135x10/135x10
4a)Back extensions: 35x3x10
4b)Seated band abductions: 3x25
5a)Calf raises: 15/15/12/12
5b)Negative ab wheel rollouts: 4x8

Quad finisher:
2 rounds:
24 squats
24 reverse lunges
24 lunge jumps
12 squat jumps
2 minute rest

This workout was totally a random workout I came up with on the fly! Sometimes it's nice not to have a plan and just do whatever you feel like doing. I started with pullups, aiming to get 35 reps, however many sets it took.  I started with an overhand grip, then went to a neutral grip. I think it took a little over 6 minutes. Then I did handstand pushups because I just felt like doing those instead of barbell pressing. I paired those with Tbar rows, Then I did dumbbell chest presses with a much shorter rest than normal, so it was a lot harder! Finished with L-sits and pullaparts, then some handstands and basketball!

1)Pullups-35 reps in as little time as possible
2a)HSPUs: 5x6
2b)T-bar rows: 70x6/55x3x8
3)DB incline chest press: 40x10/8/7/6 (about 45 seconds rest)
4)Lateral raises: 1x20/1x15
5a)Pullaparts: 25/20/20
5b)L-sit hold: 3x10 seconds(trying to hold my legs up higher, like in a V)

Handstand walks & basketball

I did pause deadlifts for the first time ever this week, and I really liked them. I didn't go super heavy-kept it around 55-60% of my max for sets of 5. Then I did front squats-didn't really push the weight on those since they've been feeling really sucky lately.

1)Pause deadlifts: 135x2x5/145x2x5/155x5
2)Front squats:75x8/ 95x8/105x8/105x8
3)Hip thrusts: 155x8/185x8/205x8/225x8/185x12
4)Reverse hypers: 90x3x12
5)GHR: 10x10/20x3x6
Prowler pushes and monster walks

Sooo I think I'm gonna change up my workouts. I love what I'm doing, I just kind of want to cut back on upper body a bit since I'm not wanting to put on more upper body muscle. I know I've talked about this before, but really, it's a matter of finding a plan that I would enjoy doing that would also help me work on building up my legs and glutes with less focus on upper body. Plus, I've kind of been wanting to do something different anyway.

I guess I'm just going to experiment until I find something I like. I know I do NOT like full body workouts, so that's not an option, and I didn't like doing lower body after upper body day. But I do have some other ideas I've been playing around with in my head....

One of them is to go totally bodybuilder and have a glute day, a quad day, and a hamstring day, with just one upper body day in there somewhere. Bret Contreras has a good program written up in this way in one of his articles for bodybuilders. I just don't know if I'd enjoy going to the gym and just training my glutes. :/

Another option would be to have a heavy, low rep lower body day, a lighter lower body day, an upper body day, and then a strongman/conditioning day.  The strongman day would take the place of one of my upper body days and would be things like sled work, Farmer's walks, swings, and maybe heavy clean and jerks and a few upper body exercises mixed in.

OR... I can keep the upper/lower split I'm doing currently and just cut back the volume on Monday's upper body day and add in a glute finisher. Or add in an at home glute workout on Sunday in addition to my current workouts. Lots of options, now just to try them out!

Do you all have any suggestions for me? I'm open to critique or new ideas! 


  1. I just started two day upper with finishers and three day lower. The lower body days I've been doing one heavy lift ( squat, dead lift, and hip thrust) followed by high volume mainly glute/hamstring stuff. I'm really seeing some positive changes. I've also upped my calories a bit, I do count them as well as macros since I'm working on growing a bit in my booty.

    On the upper body days I'm doing the same kind of thing. Lower rep big lifts and then conditioning type stuff.

    Good luck!

    1. I like that plan! I know I can't do the macro thing again, but definitely increasing calories a little I know will help! Thanks! :)

  2. I personally am biased towards bodybuilding, but I really do think the "bodybuilder" type split would give you good results. However, I would do more of a heavy quad day, a heavy hamstring/glute day, and a lighter/high rep full leg day. Then your upper body day. I know you keep your carbs high (YAY), but try to keep them even higher on the 2 heavy days. Just my 2 cents :)

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the input! I was actually leaning towards something like that. A deadlift/hamstring day, a squat/quad day, and then a hip thrust/glute day. Definitely will add more carbs in on those heavy days!

    2. Awesome! Good luck girl!

  3. I love your blog and reading your updates, Lindsay. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your balanced approach to eating, fitness, body image, etc.! It's so refreshing to read your posts. I really hope to be able to start lifting like this one day (I'm currently pregnant with #2 so am not allowed to start a new routine). It's all very new to me, so maybe this is a dumb question. When I read your workouts, I wonder how long they take? How long are you in the gym doing what you've listed? Maybe I'm still in the "cardio" mindset--more time = more burn? I understand that heavy lifting produces better burn, but I'm curious how much time you're looking at.


    1. Hi Lacie! Thank you so much, I appreciate that! My workouts RARELY last longer than an hour. Usually it's 45-60 minutes, 4 times a week and that's it!

    2. Thanks!! Do you have any advice/tips for beginners--or maybe there's a post you've already written about that?

      This one has some links that may be helpful!


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