Five Things Friday

1)We got our pool up and running last weekend and had our first pool day! Woohoo! Bring on the heat and sunshine!

2)I'm loving my new way of cooking potatoes in bulk using the crockpot. I used to roast them in the oven, but this is a lot easier-no having to cut them up. And I actually like the way they taste better leftover. All I do is put them in the crockpot with a little water, then sprinkle with garlic, onion, and oregano and cook for a few hours. I usually just check them occasionally and take them out when they are firmness that I want-not too mushy, but not too hard. I haven't actuallykept track of how long it takes, but I'd say 1-2 hours on high or 2-3 hours on low.

3)I made this crockpot balsamic chicken over the weekend for our Sunday dinner and loved it! I used chicken thighs instead of breasts, and it was really good.  I've also seeen on Pinterest where people add veggies or a can of fire roasted tomatoes, which I may try next time.
4)I have a new addition to my post workout treats: marshmallow creme! I used it in place of cream cheese on my banana bread english muffin topped with banana, and it was pretty awesome. Next time I definitely gotta try it with peanut butter or PB2...mmmm.... I can't wait til Monday to have it again!

5)Here are a few of my favorite articles I read this week:


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