Workouts Of The Week

After skipping a week of benching, it felt really heavy this week. Probably should've just kept the weight light, buut that's not easy for me to do! Only managed 115 for 4,  and then decided to drop the weight back down. For pullups I decided to do cluster sets-4 sets of 2 reps with about 15 second rest, for 3 total cluster sets. I added weight for the last 2 sets since the first set was a little too easy. Next time I'll decrease the rest to 10 seconds and do an extra cluster set. My one arm presses felt strong this week-I'm really enjoying those right now! Then I did a few sets of dumbbell "cleans" with a half press, which give me a killer shoulder burn! I forgot all about them, so I definitely want to add those back into my workouts. I finished with overhead carries, L-sits, and some extra glute work.

1)Bench press: 95x6/105x6/115x4/105x6/95x10
2)Pullup clusters(wide grip) 4x2 w/15 second rest, x3 sets (used 12.5 lbs for last 2 sets)
3a)Cable seated row: 3x10
3b)1 arm overhead press: 40x6/35x7/7/6
4)DB seated power clean to half press: 3x10
5a)1 arm overhead carries: 45x 3x30 seconds
5b)L-sit: 3x15 seconds
6a)Band walks: 3x12
6b)Banded hip thrusts: 2x25

Squats felt much better this week than last week. No PRs or anything crazy, just worked up to a couple heavy sets of 5 and and then a higher rep set of 8. After that it was 3 sets of pause squats. They were tough, but I'm really liking them. Then I did hip thrusts, working up to 225, which felt pretty good. Walking lunges were really hard, but I got through them, and they definitely made my booty sore the next day! I finished up with some isolation work-calves, abs, and glutes...and yes, even did a few sets of leg extensions just because I felt like it! Next week I'll add the leg finisher back in, but lately I just haven't been into it.

Box jumps: 2x5/1x3
1)Squats: 155x6/175x5/175x5/155x8
2)Pause squats: 155x3x6
3)Hip thrusts: 185x8/205x8/225x8/225x8+10 second hold on last rep
4)Walking lunges: 30x3x10
5a)Calf raise: x17/14/13/13
5b)Seated abductions: 2x25
6a)Ab wheel rollouts from toes: x10/8/8/8
6b)Leg extensions: 3x15

Decided to do some heavy clean and jerks this week just for fun! It's been probably a year since I've done them, so it took a few sets to get the feel for them again. I worked up to 125 and did singles, only a couple with the clean portion. Felt pretty good!

1)Clean and jerks: 95/115/125x5x1(5 sets of 1)
2)BB overhead press: 75x5/80x5/80x5/75x5
2a)DB 1 arm chest press: 45x8/45x8/35x14
2b)Feet elevated ring inverted row: 3x10
3)Chinups: 1x10/1x8
4a)Lateral raise: 2x12
4b)Cable bicep curls: 1x14/1x17(drop sets)
5)Handstand walk practice

My back was SO sore from deadlifts last week, but thankfully by this session the soreness was pretty much gone. Deads felt pretty good this week-worked up to a heavy 3, about 85% of my max, then did a back off set. Front squats felt SO hard again this week. I don't think I will ever enjoy those. Then I did some glute ham raises, kettlebell swings, and a little abs and glutes. Finished up with deadmill sprints since I didn't feel like hauling my tire out today!

1)Deadlifts(conventional): 135x6/155x5/175x3/205x3/210x3/185x5
2)Front squat: 85x8/100x8/115x6/115x6
3)Glute ham raise: 10x8/20x7/20x7/10x10
4a)1 arm kettlebell swing: 40x3x10
4b)Dragonfly: 3x8
5a)Stir the pot plank: 2x30ish seconds
5b)Band clam: 2x20
Incline deadmill sprints: 6 x 20 seconds, with about a minute rest


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