Friday Ramblings

It's been a while since I've done a rambling post! Have you missed it?

Well, as I mentioned, this week I decided to take some days off from the gym. I knew it was needed when I didn't miss it or have the desire to even go to the gym! I took Sunday-Tuesday off completely. And it really helped-my appetite came back strong and my body just felt better. On those days I just walked and did some very easy mobility stuff and foam rolling.

Wednesday I did a light gym workout between training sessions, and tomorrow I just plan on maybe doing some sled drags at home. As far as my gym workouts went, Wednesday I did light zercher squats, pushups, face pulls, single leg hip thrusts, band walks, and pullaparts. Nothing heavy, nothing intense. Today was just mobility again, and tomorrow I may do a full body workout at home or the gym, depending on what I feel like.

I ate exactly the same--no cutting back on calories or carbs at any meal. And I didn't gain a single pound. So if you're worried about gaining weight or even losing muscle by taking a week off-STOP. You will be okay, I promise. Here are a few articles you can check out about deload/recovery weeks:

So last week I had the most amaaaazing treat. We went out for pizza Saturday, and then since we had to pick up something at the mall afterwards, we stopped at Great American Cookies for dessert. It has been probably 10 years since I've had a cookie from there, and oh hit the spot. I also had a peanut butter cup brownie because I couldn't decide on which one I wanted! They were both freakin' awesome.

The plan for this weekend is doughnuts! I gotta try the peach pie one from Krispy Kreme before it's not out anymore! This weekend we're volunteering with our church to help renovate some houses downtown, so after a long day of work, doughnuts will be waiting for me. ;)

Soo anyway, as far as workouts, I decided to go back to a 4 day upper lower split. It's just what I love! I have enjoyed my training the last few months not really following a set plan, but I really think that now I feel like having something to follow and to work on strength again...I just can't decide what to do. I may just run a variation of Uncaged again since nothing else I've seen really appeals to be. But here is what I plan on doing for the next month:

Upper Body + Glutes
1)Clean and jerk + push presses: 3-5x3-5
2a)Dumbbell chest press: 3-5 x 6-8
2b))Weighted pullups 5x5
3a)Face pulls
3b)Reverse crunch or ball pike

Glute circuit:(may change week to week)
Weighted back extensions x10
Pull-throughs x10
Band hip thrust x10
3-4 rounds minimal rest

Lower Body Heavy Day
1)Box jump 3x5
2) Front Squat 3-4x3-5
3) Deadlift 3x3-5
4a) GHR 4x6
4b)Ab wheel or TRX pikes
5a)Calf raises 4x10-20
5b)Band clams
Finisher-quad finisher or walking lunges

Upper Body
1)Bench press: 3x3-5
2a)Landmine press: 3x8
2b)Chinups 3x amap(not to failure)
3a)Pull-aparts 3x15-20
3b)Bicep curls 2x15
4)Lateral raise 2x15
Lower Hypertrophy day
1)BB hip thrust: 3x8-10
2)Back squats: 3x8-10
3)RDLs: 3x8
4)Front loaded reverse lunge: 3x8-10
5)Cable or seated abductions: 3x12-15
Finisher-Prowler sprints/sled drags


  1. YES!! I've missed them - but I wanted to say I hope you have a wonderful July 4th holiday!! :-D ~Jen

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a great 4th! :)


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