Workouts Of The Week

Monday Quads
Squats didn't feel too hot today...but I still tried to go heavy anyway, of course. I think my depth was questionable on my heaviest set and my hip flexor was still bothering me. Everything else was fine, but I was soooo sore in my glutes and adductors for the next three days! Maybe swapping squat and deadlift day this week wasn't such a good idea after all!

1)Squats: 155x4/175x4/184x4/175x6/165x8
2)Front squats: 105x8/115x8/105x10
3)Barbell walking lunges: 70x3x8
4)Leg press: 4x12
5a)1 leg hip thrust: 3x12
5b)Band clams: 3x20
6)Leg extension: 1x30 (rest pause set)

*Skipped upper body Tuesday because my ql and low back was super tight*

Wednesday Hamstrings
My glutes were so sore for this workout! Deadlifts actually didn't feel too bad though. It was the back extensions that were hardest to do, so I just dropped the weight on those.

1)Deadlifts: 205x3x3/Paused: 155x2x5
2)Glute ham raise: 20x8/7/8
3)Back extensions: 35x3x12
4)Lying leg curls: 3x12
5)Standing calf raise: 2x12 / Seated calf raise: 2x20
6)Stir the pot: 2x30 seconds

Friday Upper
My low back was really sore from deadlifts, so I decided to not go super heavy on anything and skip bench press this week. Did some light snatches  since it's been a while since I've done them. Then just got a good pump from some push/pull pairs and lateral raises, then abs.

1)Hang power snatch: 5x3
2a)DB chest press: 40x3x10
2b)DB chest supported row: 35x4x12
3a)Lat pulldown-underhand grip: 1x12/2x10
3b)DB overhead press: 30x8/25x2x10
4)Lateral raises: giant set to 35 reps
5)Ab wheel negatives: 1x10/2x8
6)L-sits 2x15 seconds

Saturday Glutes
This workout was kind of crappy. Glutes just weren't "on" today. Could be the hip pain/tightness I have going on right now and the tightness in my low back and qls. Sled pushes killed me. I just had nothing left in the tank-legs were giving out, couldn't catch my breath. I don't know what was wrong with me since the workout wasn't even hard!

1)Hip thrusts: 135x12/155x10/185x3x10/155x15
2)Cable pull throughs: 3x15
3)Machine glute kickback: 3x15
4a)Seated abductions: 3x25
4b)Reverse hypers on incline bench: 3x20(bodyweight)
5a)Sled push 180lbs x 3 sets, 140x2 sets (down and back, about 8 seconds each way)
5b)Band lateral walks: 3x12

I'm thinking I'm due for a deload since I'm feeling a bit beat up, but I'll wait and see how I feel come Monday. I haven't taken an actual week off from workouts in a long time, so I'm thinking it's time. I may go back to an upper/lower split and combine squat and deadlift day rather than having a heavy lift every workout. This is the second time I've tried three lower body days per week, and I've realized it is just not for me!


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