Five Things Friday


1. I've been studying through Psalm 119 the last few weeks.  What I'm doing is writing out 8 verses a day, then doing the Love God Greatly bible app and applying the SOAP method in my journal as well. I encourage you do it with me! 
 2. This came in the mail last week, and I was so excited to try it, if only for the flavor! I love it. I am not a big pre-workout person, but I do like to use it for leg days when I know I need the extra boost!

3. Friday is Quest bar day! Not because I "limit" them to Fridays or anything silly like that, but just because usually by Friday I've ran out of meat, so I use this instead for my afternoon snack. Look at this beauty! 

4. I saw this on LBC's Facebook page, and I really want to try this for a post workout treat sometime!

  Have any of you tried it? I think this would be a great addition to my post workout treat options, in addition to my cereal, ice cream sandwiches, and banana marshmallow creme sandwiches. ;)

5.Here's a collection of articles I've read in the last few weeks. Some really good ones here!


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