Flexible Dieting-My Thoughts Exactly!

"Flexible dieting is much bigger than simply allowing more variety into your diet; flexible dieting, REAL flexible dieting is a MINDSET and an ATTITUDE towards food, dieting, etc. 

In my opinion, this anal retentive need to perfectly hit macronutrient goals for the day is majoring in the minor. Being an obsessive number cruncher and calculator carrier does not line up with the MINDSET of flexible dieting. “Oh darn, I’m a few grams off from the macros my diet says I have to have, so I can’t have this.” Sure you can, who cares? It’s REASONABLY CLOSE. Adjust elsewhere in the day.

Hit your calories first and foremost. Get reasonably close to your macro goals. You do NOT have to perfectly “fit your macros”. Just as clean eating is not a fat-loss requirement, neither is perfectly hitting your macros.

The mindset of a true flexible dieter is that of a lifestyle, not a set of rules. It’s a way of thinking about food, diet, exercise, your fitness journey, etc. When you go out to eat at a restaurant with your spouse, friends or family, you can relax and just enjoy the meal for what it is, a good meal. 

You’re not thinking about the macros and calories, you’re not plugging the meal into an app to count it, you’re not pulling out a pocket scale to count everything. 

That’s the difference between the mindset of a dieter (IIFYM, clean eating or whatever your dieting permutation is) and the mindset of someone living a healthy/fitness lifestyle – a true flexible dieter. And that’s the change that will lead you to be in long-term control of this area of your life. Isn’t this what we all want?"
-Lean Bodies Consulting


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