Things I'm Loving Friday

It's Fridaaay!! 

After two weeks of nonstop rain, it's finally been sunny lately, and I'm about to go get my float on here shortly. I'm hoping that it will continue throughout the weekend! 

Tonight is burger night, tomorrow is church and dinner at home, and then Celeste's birthday party is Sunday! I can't believe she'll be two years old tomorrow! She's growing up toooo fast. 

On to the things I'm loving lately...

~Getting a haircut!

I finally got my hair cut yesterday after 4 months. Boy, did it need it! I go way too long between cuts.

~Summer fruit
Usually we stick to apples, oranges and bananas in the winter, but Summer is for melon, and strawberries and these yummy organic grapes that I got on sale the other day!

~Cream cheese
I've really been loving this Greek yogurt cream cheese on my toast! It's so good.
~Sherbet Ice Cream
I had this sitting in my freezer for like a year and just suddenly had the craving for it after my workout this week, It's been sooo hot here lately, so it totally hit the spot! So much so that I had it twice this week!
~This quote
I came across this quote on Twitter and just HAD to share. It is spot on. I have lived this, and so I totally agree. I'm glad that I finally came to the point where I just had to say "oh well" about many things, because I refuse to live with fear and anxiety over food. There's no way I can eat perfectly, so I just do the best I can!

~Good Books
A few of the books I've enjoyed this Summer: Stolen, by Lucy Christopher, The Hidden Man, by David Ellis, Once We Were Brothers by Ronald. H. Balson, and Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler. I would defnitely recommend all of them. You can check out all the books I've read on -I love that website to keep track of all the books I've read and want to read. The most recent one I finished is Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty. I really enjoyed it, and I just saw that they are going to be making it into a movie! I also really liked her book, The Husband's Secret.
~These cute faces!
My sister-in-law always posts the absolute cutest pics of my nephews, and I love it! In just a few weeks, we're going to visit the family in New York, and I can't wait to see these two.
~"Who I Am" by Blanca
This is the song I turn way up when it comes on the radio right now. Love her voice and the message! 
"I'm running to the One who knows me<
Who made every part of me in His hands
I'm holding to the One who holds me
'Cause I know whose I am, I know who I am"

What are some things YOU are loving lately?


  1. What do you ask for when you have your hair trimmed?? I love the layers you have & am wondering what to ask for! :-)

    1. Thanks! Well I just tell her now to shape everything up and trim the layers since I've been going to her for a while. Last time I asked for more layers around my face and also brought a picture to show her.


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