Workouts Of The Week

Push jerks felt pretty good this week, even though I was still sore in my upper back, I guess from cleans on Friday. I did dumbbell chest press this workout and moved bench to Friday. I had to skip the glute circuit this week because I was waaaay too sore still from Saturday! Just did some overhead weighted carries instead.

1)Push jerks: 95x3/115x3/125x2/2/2
2a)DB chest press: 45x6/50x6/50x6/45x8
2b)Weighted ring pullups: 15x6/6/6/5/ Fat bar chinup x8(not to failure, NEVER to failure!)
3a)Ab wheel negatives: 3x8
3b)DB seated "cleans": 3x12
4)Overhead dumbbell carries: 45x3x25ish seconds

My glutes and hams were finally not sore by Wednesday, thank goodness. I really enjoyed this workout, probably because it's not my higher rep leg day! I added 10 pounds to front squats, and they actually felt pretty good. This week for deadlifts was 5x3 at 75% of my max, which was 185. They felt pretty good. Not easy, not crazy hard. Felt strong on ghrs this week so I upped the weight on those a little also. Finished with calf raises and then some extra glute stuff since I didn't do them Monday. The hip thrusts and banded squats to reverse lunges gave me a killer glute burn! The band squats to reverse lunges are the last exercise shown in this circuit:

1)Box jumps: 24" -3x5 (Using a lower box so that I don't land in a squat but try to stay as extended as possible)
2)Front squats: 115x5/125x3x5
3)Deadlifts: 5x3 @185lbs (75%)
4)Glute ham raise: 4x6 @ 10/20/25/25 lbs
5a)Calf raise(smith machine): 90x15/110x15/130x2x15
5b)Band clams: 3x20
6a)Band hip thrust 2x30
6b)Alternating band squat to reverse lunge 2x15

This was a fun workout! Decided to do some plyo pushups before bench press. Then I added 5 lbs for bench from last week for 3 sets of 5 and one amrap set at 105(not to failure). Bench felt pretty good today! Then I did landmine presses, followed by a circuit of cable rows, lateral raises and L-sits. I liked switching it up and doing a tri-set. After that was some bicep curls. Just for fun on my last set, I did a set of bicep "28s" that I found from Nick Tuminello. I finished up with some handstand practice and front levers, then 50 pullaparts.

1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2)Bench press: 110x3x5/105x8
3)Landmine press: (bar+12.5 added) 3x8
4a)Cable row: 4x10
4b)Lateral raise: 3x10
4c)L-sit: 4x10 seconds
5)Alternating dumbbell curls: 27.5x10/8/
One set of "28's" w/15lbs:
7 reps half way up/7 reps full range/7 second hold midway/7 reps 1/2 way to top
Front lever holds + handstand holds, 3 sets each
50 pullaparts(rest pause set)

I changed this workout up a bit from last week since the gym was freakin' packed! But I actually kind of liked it. I did hip thrusts first, and they felt really good, so I'd like to continue with that. They didn't fatigue me too much for squats either so I was able to still go up slightly on the weight. Then I did RDLs a little heavier than last week. I supersetted back extensions and reverse lunges, which was basically cardio. Like, I really could not breathe. Then I did some calves and band walks, followed by 5 sets of sled pushes. My whole body was shaky after that one!

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/175x8/205x8/205x8/225x8
2)Squats: 135x8/155x8/160x8/160x8
3)RDL: 135x10/155x3x8
4a)Reverse single leg dumbbell lunges: 35x3x8
4b)Back extensions: 25x3x12
5a)Band walks: 3x12/leg
5b)Seated calf raise: 3x20
Prowler sprints-5x10 seconds 180-200 lbs


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