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Push jerks felt pretty good this week. Didn't go heavier but just did an extra set. I was able to get 3 sets of 6 on dumbbell chest press today, and supersetted those with overhand grip pullups this week. For the glutes this week, I did kettlebell swings and seated abductions, then a couple extra sets of band walks after that.

1)Push jerks: 125x3x2/ 115x3(push press)
2a)Overhand grip pullups: 10lbs x6x5
2b)DB chest press: 50x3x6/45x6
3a)TRX reverse fly: 2x12
3b)TRX pike: 15/12/Dragonfly: 2x8
4a)KB swings: 60x3x12
4b)Seated abductions: 1x30/3x25
5)Band walks: 2x12

This was a deload week for deadlifts, so I decided to go heavier on front squats. It was my first time using a belt for front squats! I definitely had a rep or maybe 2 left in the tank with 135, so next week I'll try to increase up to a 5 rep max. After front squats I just did some posterior chain work, calves and abs, then a 5 minute finisher of slams and clam raises. Those clam raises are tough for me!

1)Box jumps: 1x5/ 3x3(30")
2)Front squats: 95x5/115x5/25x5/135x2x5(last 3 sets with belt)
3)Reverse hypers: 110x10/130x3x10
4a)Glute ham raise: 10x6/20x6/20x6/5x10(holding weight over head)
4b)Hanging leg raises: 1x10/3x8
5)Smith machine calf raise: 140x12/160x12/180x12/12
10 medicine ball slams(25lb) x4
10 clam raises  x3
5 minute amrap
Then 50 banded hip thrusts, rest pause set

Another good workout this week! I really like Friday's workouts. I added an extra set to bench with 115. I could've probably squeezed out 5 on the last set, but I prefer to leave a rep in the tank.So I just did a back off (NOT an amrap)set a little lighter, and also used a wider grip on that set.Next was overhead press and cable rows. It's so weird that I love cable rows now so much when I didn't do them for years! Now they are one of my fave back exercises. Just for something different, I finished off this workout with 5 minutes of chinups for as many reps as I could get. I ended up with 34, only doing 3-4 reps at a time!

1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2)Bench press: 115x5/5/4/105x5(with a wide grip)
3a)1 arm OH press: 30x9/9/10
3b)Cable row with wide neutral grip handles:  100x3x10
4a)Lateral raises: 15x3x12
4b)Lsit: 3x20 seconds
5)Chinups: 5 minute amrap- 34 reps

Well, this leg day should be called cardio day. I swear, my breathing is horrible. Hip thrusts and squats both felt good. My goal now is 225 on hip thrusts for 3x10, but today 205 felt like the limit to really get a good glute contraction. For squats I worked up to 2 heavy sets of 8 and then did a set of 15...needless to say, that was tough. But once again, it was mostly my breathing more than anything! Maybe I should do more cardio? ;) Then it was on to RDLs. I did a set Wednesday just to video and realized that I need to slow down the eccentric a little more, so that's what I focused on today. Then I paired walking lunges and leg curls again. And once again... cardio! I finished up with calves and abductions, and then some deadmill sprints.

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/185x10/205x3x10
2)Squats: 135x8/165x8/165x8/135x15
3)RDLs: 155x4x8
4a)Lying leg curls: 12/10/10+ 6(drop set)+6(rest pause)
4b)Barbell walking lunges: 70x3x10
5)Cable standing abductions: 3x15/15/12
6)Seated calf raise: rest pause set/ drop sets-50x20/40x15/30x15/20x15
Deadmill sprints: ~20 second sprint at 11.5% incline/ ~1 minute rest/ x6


  1. thanks for the RDL video :) These workouts look great, sweetie :) !!!!!!!


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