How I Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

My favorite way to satisfy a sweet tooth is quite simple, really-eat something sweet! ;) In all seriousness though, I know this can be a major issue for some. When people ask me how they can satisfy their sweet cravings, what they are usually asking for are some healthier options that they can have in place of a candy bar or ice cream.

Now, I have to say, I absolutely LOVE sweets. Some people are more savory/salty people, but I am definitely a sweets person. So I get it. I couldn't imagine life without sweets, so I will never be one to tell people that they just need more willpower, or that they need to cut out sugar completely. I don't believe in that. With that being said, even though I love my sweets, I actually don't have major cravings for them, as long as I have a few strategies in place.

First of all, I don't deny myself anything. As soon as you tell yourself you can't have sweets, what's the first thing that will happen? Yup, you guessed it-you will start craving sweets! I normally don't have things like cookies and candy bars and ice cream on a daily basis, but the thing is, I don't feel that I CAN'T have them. And that makes all the difference.

Also, because I'm so satisfied with all my meals and don't try to eat perfectly "clean" all the time, I actually don't even want sweets every day. I have a package of Oreos, Reese's AND ice cream in my house right now, and I'm not even tempted by them. Some people will say not to even have that kind of stuff in your house, but I think that the more you are exposed to it, the less temptation it actually brings.

Another way I keep my sweet cravings at bay is by incorporating healthier "treats" into my diet on daily basis. For example, I have things like low fat ice cream or cereal a couple times a week after lifting, my protein "sludge" and caramel rice cakes with peanut butter as a bedtime snack, and protein muffins for snacks or after dinner dessert. I also love Carbmaster yogurts and Quest bars for the occasional snack. These things all satisfy my sweet tooth so that I don't crave the less healthy stuff.
Mmmmm, peanut butter and caramel....
Ice cream goes straight to the muscles
Banana protein muffins

Lastly, one major reason I can keep my sweet tooth at bay is because I actually DO allow myself to have sweets. Look, part of enjoying life is enjoying good food, and I'm not going to miss out on that. I have one weekly "treat meal", as I like to call it, which is usually dinner and then whatever dessert I'm craving. I try not to go overboard with it, but it really does help me psychologically to never feel like I'm missing out or restricting myself. After my treat meal, I'm good for another week of  healthy(but NOT perfect) eating. Most of my meals are lean proteins, complex carbs, and fruits and vegetables, so a once a week splurge isn't going to derail my progress or ruin my physique.
What are some of your strategies for satisfying a sweet tooth?


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