Workouts And Fitness Reads of the Week

Nothing really to speak of for this workout. No PRs or anything crazy. Was too sore from Saturday to do a glute circuit, so I did some off set Farmer's walks instead, which I really like!

1)Clean + push press: 95x5/105x5/105x5/Push jerk-120x3/3/3/ Strict press: 80x3x5
2)Weighted neutral grip pullups: 25x4/35x3/35x3
3a)Overhand grip pullups: 10x5/10x5/ 0x8(rings)
3b)Incline DB chest press: 40x10/9/9
4)Hanging leg raise: 2x10/TRX pike: 2x12
Off set farmer's walks: 45lb/60lb(kettlebell) x40 seconds/ twice each arm
+Pullaparts 5x20

This workout went great besides me tripping on my first set of box jumps! Makes me so mad when that happens. So yeah, I bruised and scraped up my knees real good. I'm done with box jumps from here on out. Not a great start to the workout, but luckily, everything else went well.
But look-I think my thigh gap is getting smaller! And I am up 2 pounds, so that's good news. :)
I kept front squats a little lighter, for 3 sets of 5 this week. Deadlifts were 4x5 at 80%, which really wasn't bad at all, so I was able to do them beltless. Then it was just hams and calves and some glute stuff to finish up.

1)Squat jumps 3x5
2)Front squat: 135x3x5
3)Deadlift: 195x4x5 (80%)
4)GHR: 0x8/10x8/15x2x8
5a)Calf raise: 140x12/160x12/10/10
5b)Band walks: 3x15/leg
Glute finisher:
Single leg hip thrust: 1x12/3x10
Band goblet squat: 20x3x15

Worked up to 130 on bench today and it felt really the first 2 pretty easy, went for the third, and failed! It's okay, though! It's nice to be pushing some decent weight now, even if it is only 2 reps! I'm determined to be repping out with the big plates one of these days. ;)

1)Plyo pushups 3x5
2)Bench press: 115x3/125x3/130x2 + 1 fail/120x4/115x7
3a)T-bar row: 70x8/70x8/60x8/55x9
3b)Seated dumbbell press: 35x6/40x6/40x6/35x8
4a)Face pulls: 3x15
4b)Lsit: 4x20 seconds
5)Bicep curls: DB supinated 20x10/Cable curl drop set x 8+8
6)Stir the pot: 2x40 seconds
7)Bear crawls 2x 10 "steps"

I was afraid that with my bruised knee I'd have to modify this workout, but by Saturday it was fine, and I was able to do everything I normally do. I did switch things up a little though. I was thinking that I probably shouldn't do squats, but then changed my mind after I did hip thrusts and split squats and realized it really felt fine. Doing squats as my third exercise wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I did keep the weight on the lighter side. After squats, I finished with a bunch of isolation stuff and sled drags. Really wasn't a bad workout, even though it seems like a lot. Only took me maybe an hour to complete, including my warmup.

1)Hip thrusts: 185x8/205x8/235x2x8
2)Bulgarian split squats(with dumbbells): 30x10/35x2x9
3)Squats: 135x2x10/145x10
4a)Cable abductions: 15/14/15
4b)Seated leg curl: 3x14
6)Leg extensions: rest pause set to 35 total reps (15-20 second rest)
7)KB swings: 60x2x15
8)Reverse sled drags: 7 sets x 20 seconds with 180, 230, 280 lbs
9)Seated calf raise: rest pause set to 45 total reps (15-20 second rest)

I'll leave you with some great fitness reads for you to check out!
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  1. Holy cow!!! THAT looks painful. Hope that heals up quickly for you!


    1. Thanks! It's still swollen and bruised, but much better. No more box jumps for me!


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