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This week I wanted to work up to a heavy single on push jerks, which didn't go so well. I've been doing 125 for 2 reps, so I figured I'd go for 135, a weight that I have jerked in the past. But I failed. Dropped down to 130, failed again. I really think it was mental though-I wasn't committing to dropping under the bar out of fear. So I just dropped the weight down and did more sets to practice. No worries, just going to keep working at them! Everything else went well. I was able to get an extra rep on chest presses on my first set. Did some muscle ups that felt really good. Maybe now I'll be able to start working on strict muscle ups again! No glute circuit afterwards because I decided to do my lower body workout Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

1)Push jerk: 115x1/125x1/135xfail/130xfail/125x1/115x4/115x4/95x5
2a)DB chest press: 50x7/6/6
2b)Ring pullups: 2x8/ T-bar row: 70x2x6
3)Muscle ups- 5 singles with 15-30 second rest
4a)Face pulls: 15/12/12
4b)Negative ab wheel rollouts: 3x8
Overhead carries 3x30 seconds + stir the pot planks 3x30-40 seconds

Front squats felt great today! Worked up to 2 heavy sets of five, using a belt for the last 2 sets. Deadlifts this week were at 75%. So not too heavy but still getting used to the high volume-I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I try to use an overhand grip when it's that light for as long as I can to work on my grip strength. Next was GHRs, holding the weight higher, which makes it much harder. Finished up with calf raises and a quick glute burner.

1)Broad jumps: 3x5
2)Front squats: 95x5/115x5/125x4/140x5/140x5
3)Deadlifts 5x5 @75%-185(no belt, overhand grip for 4 sets)
4)Glute ham raises: 10lbs x 4x8
5)Smith machine calf raises 140x12/160x10/180x10/190x10/190x10
6a)Band walks 4x12
6b) Band squat to reverse lunge 3 x 16


1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2)Bench press: 105x3/115x3/120x3x3
3a)Narrow lat pulldown: 12/3x10
3b)DB overhead press: 35x7.30x9/30x8/22.5x12
4a)Lateral raise: 15x3x10
4b)Bentover lateral raise: 10x3x12
5)Seated incline supinated bicep curls: 20x13/10/10

1)Hip thrusts: 185x3x12
2)Squats: 135x8/155x8/165x2x8/155x10
3)RDLs: 155x8/165x8/165x8
4a)Reverse lunge, single leg: 35x3x8
4b)Lying leg curl: 3x12
5)Seated abductions: 3x30
5b)Reverse decline leg raise: 3x12
6)Single leg calf raise on step, no rest between legs: 30 x 12/10/10/8
1 arm swings 3x12+band walks 3x10-12


  1. I hate when the mental fear overrides your ability to perform. I tend to get that with squats, especially without a spotter!

    Have you got any tips for getting a decent workout with a set of 15kg dumbbells? I'm in the middle of setting up a gym in my house, so quitting the gym has left me with a sucky 15kg dB set for now!

    1. Dumbbell front squats, step ups, bulgarian split squats, lunges, bentover rows, floor presses, kettlebell swings, 1 arm push press. Then bodyweight stuff like pushups, single leg hip thrusts, single leg squats. All kinds of things you could do!

  2. Thank you so much for all the ideas Lindsay!!!


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