Workouts Of The Week

I mentioned increasing carbs to twice bodyweight on lifting days, but I tracked my carbs and found that I'm actually already at about 240 on most lifting days! So now I'm thinking that I just need to increase calories on rest days. Because really, I am maxed out on training days and am not going to force feed myself when all my meals are super filling. I'll just increase off days, and usually my Fridays are a little lower, so I'll add some carbs there.

This week I decided to add strict presses back in. They didn't feel as hard as I expected them to from not doing them in a while. I switched flat bench to incline and then did weighted pullups for the first time in a while. They did feel really hard! My glutes were so sore from Saturday still so I did farmer's walks instead of a glute circuit.

1)Military press: 65x5/75x5/80x5/80x5
2a)Incline dumbbell chest press: 45x3x7
2b)Pullups: 25x3x5/ 10x6+3 w/no weight
3)Hanging leg raise: 10/9/8/8
4)Farmer's walks: 55x3x30-40 seconds
5a)Pullaparts: 25/20/20/20/15
5b)Jump rope 30 seconds

Front squats went well this week. I was able to get another rep, but it wasn't easy. I maybe had one left in the tank. Deadlifts were just singles at 85%.  Since they weren't crazy hard I did them with no belt. Glute ham raises have been so hard lately since I've moved my knees up higher and hold the weight in front of my face/neck.

1)Box jumps: 3x3
2)Front squats: 115x5/135x3/145x4/4/4
3)Deadlifts: 5x1 @85%(205)
4)Glute ham raise: 0x6/ 10x3x6/0x8
5a)Smith machine calf raise: 140x12/160x10/180x10/200x2x10
5b)Band walks: 4x15
6a)Kettlebell swings; 60x4x15
6b)Ball pikes: 3x12

Bench felt pretty good today! Was able to get 3 sets of 4 with 120, which is a good day for me! Then I did some snatches and muscle ups just for fun, then my "pump stuff", which is always fun too. It's important to actually enjoy your workouts, and I do!

1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2)Bench press: 105x5/120x4/4/4 Decline w/fat grips 95x10
3)Hang power snatch: 65x5/75x5/85x5/85x4 + a few muscle ups
4a)Seated Cable rows: 110x10/120x8/110x8/110x8
4b)Arnold press standing: 30x8/30x8/27.5x8
5a)Lateral raises: 2x12
5b)EZ bar curl: 60x6-too heavy!/40x8(wide)/40x10(narrow)
6a)L-sits: 4x20 seconds
6b)Incline bench rear delt raise: 2x15
7)Stir the pots: 3x30 seconds
Changed up this workout a bit this week. There was a squat rack open, which is hard to come by on Saturdays so I went ahead and did squats first. Decided to do pause squats this week, so obviously kept the weight lighter. Then I did good mornings instead of RDLs, and they felt pretty good. Then bulgarian split squats instead of walking lunges. The leg curl rest pause set gave me a killer hamstring burn, and then the abductions and banded hip thrusts...omg. Haven't felt a glute burn like that in a while!! I can't believe how light of a weight I used but could barely get the reps. I finished up with some deadmill incline sprints at about 15 seconds, with about a minute rest between sprints.

1)Pause squats: 135x8/145x3x8
2)Good mornings: 85x8/95x8/105x2x8
3)Bulgarian split squats: 80x8/80x8/35s(dumbells)x8
4)Seated leg curls: rest pause set to 40 reps (20-30 second rest)
 5a)Seated abductions: 3x20
5b)Barbell glute bridge with band: 135x3x10
6)Cable abductions: 15/12
Deadmill incline sprints: 6 x 15 seconds


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