Workouts Of The Week

Jerks felt weak this week, so I got mad and dropped the weight and ended up getting 5 with 115. Everything else went fine. Was finally able to hit the glutes, since I wasn't sore from Saturday's workouts. I really think it's the walking lunges that never fail to get me!

1)Push jerk practice: 125x3x1/115x5/ Strict press: 80x3x5
2a)Incline chest press: 45x8/7/7
2b)Weighted wide grip neutral pullups: 20x5/5/5/4/0x6/0x5+10 second hold last rep
3)Modified dragonfly: 3x8
4a)Swings x12/back extensions: 25x3x12
4b)Band walks: 4x15
Pullaparts x100 + handstand practice

I got a PR today! I decided to up the weight this week on front squats and just see what I could get, and I was able to get 3 reps with 155! This week was a deload from deadlifts, so I just did a couple sets of RDLs and added in reverse hypers.

1)Box jumps 30" 3x3
2)Front squats: 115x5/135x5/145x5/155x3
3)RDLs: 155x6/175x2x6
4)Glute ham raise: 0x8/10x3x8
5)Reverse hypers: 110x10/130x3x10
6a)Band clams: 3x20
6b)Ab wheel rollouts on toes to wall: 10/9/9
Sled drags: 5 x 20 seconds

Today's bench felt great! I don't know what is going on. It's like I'll feel really weak on bench for a while, then I stop stressing about it and guess what? I start feeling stronger on it again! I worked up to 125 for 3, which normally I would need a spot for. But it felt strong, so I went ahead and did another set of 3. I moved my hands out a tad bit wider, and it's actually not feeling too bad, so I'm going to try to stick with that.

1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2)Bench press: 115x4/125x3/125x3/115x6
3a)Wide grip cable row: 100x3x10
3b)Seated DB overhead press: 40x6/40x6/standing-35x7
4a)Lsit: 3x20 seconds
4b)1/2 kneeling cable face pulls: 2x15
5)Seated dumbbell "clean" and 1/2 press: 2x12
6)One arm overhead carries(45lbs) and handstands 2x30 seconds
7)Hammer curls: "Run the rack"-1 set  20, 17.5, 15, 12.5 to 30 reps total

This workout went well. Worked up to 235 on hip thrusts for 8 reps. Added a little more to pause squats and good mornings. Bulgarian split squats were killer as usual, but once again, the hardest thing is breathing! I didn't feel like doing the prowler or sprints, so I finished up with 100 walking lunges(50 per leg), which took me a little under 3 minutes. That wasn't horrible, but I was feeling the quad burn!

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/185x8/205x8/225x8/235x8
2)Pause squats: 135x8/145x8/145x8/150x8
3)Good mornings: 95x8/105x8/110x8/110x8
4)Bulgarian split squats: BB-80x8/80x8/DBs-35s x8
5a)Seated Leg curls:14/12/12
5b)Seated band abductions: 30/25/25
100 walking lunges


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