My Weekly Dinner Schedule

I thought I'd share with you all what my dinners normally look like on a weekly basis. 

I have gotten into a schedule to where I pretty much know what I'm going to have on each day of the week, which really helps me. I think it's a great idea to have your meals somewhat planned out, rather than just "winging" it. I have found that it's just one less thing to worry about, and it also helps me to know what meats to buy and cook up ahead of time when I know what meals I'm going to make.

It also helps to have some variety, so you don't get burnt out on eating chicken and broccoli every single night. Ga-Ross!There are so many options out there-you don't have to eat the same thing every day! My dinners always consist of a protein source, a vegetable(but not always!), and a carb source, all of which are interchangeable. Protein is usually chicken, turkey, or beef. The carb source could be rice, a whole wheat wrap, corn, or potatoes. Yup, I eat lots of "starchy" carbs. You know why? Because I lift. Because, muscles, that's why. :-P

On Sundays I usually cook up a batch of chicken and a couple pounds of ground turkey to eat throughout the week, so often times I have leftovers, but a few times a week I do cook dinner fresh. Either way, these meals are very simple, not all complicated or fancy, and they take no more than 15-20 minutes. 

Monday & Wednesday: Turkey Taco Bowl
I eat this meal at work normally, so I need something portable that I can just warm up in between clients. It's just 4 ounces of 93 and 97% lean ground turkey mixed with a cup of Basmati rice and salsa. This is the only meal I portion out ahead of time on Sundays, so I can easily grab it and go.

Tuesday & Thursday: Turkey wrap or turkey burger with potatoes. 
These are the days when I can make something at home, so I'll either use cooked turkey I already have made and put it in a wrap with salsa, or I cook up some turkey burgers and have them with pre-cooked potatoes. Occasionally I'll have something like a quesadilla with canned chicken and a whole wheat wrap, or pizza on a Flatout wrap.My favorite wraps right now are these Ole Extreme Wellness low carb wraps.

Friday: Cheeseburgers!
My husband and I are able to have dinner together on Friday nights, so we have gotten into the habit of having cheeseburgers made with grassfed, 95% lean beef, Velveeta cheese slices and a whole wheat bun. Maybe not completely "clean", if that's what you're into, buuuut it's good enough for me! If I can enjoy a burger like this weekly, I'm not concerned about it. Skip the bun if you really won't eat bread...but I'm telling you, it's just delicious. I have some sort of vegetable on the side and usually something like cookie butter or a pumpkin muffin for dessert.

Saturdays: Treat Meal!
Saturdays are usually our treat meal day, so I'll cook a meal at home, or we'll go out for dinner and dessert. 

Sunday: Salmon patties or chicken thighs
Sundays we alternate weekly between having salmon patties and grilled chicken thighs. I usually have a side of vegetables and sometimes another carb source, like corn on the cob.Every now and then we'll switch it up and have something like pork chops or sirloin steak. 

What are some of your favorite fast and simple dinners?


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