Perfection Is the Enemy of Good

Something I have realized from being a trainer for 8 years, is that there will ALWAYS be an excuse to not eat healthy. 

In the summer, it's all the cookouts and drinking all weekend at the lake, so you say you'll start eating better when summer is over.Then there are the multiple holidays and family gatherings in the fall and winter, so you decide to wait until the New Year for a "fresh start". Then maybe you actually do well for a few weeks in January, until some other event comes up-a concert, a birthday party, a wedding, a vacation, etc.

But you know what? That's life. If you always wait until the absolute "perfect" conditions to start eating healthy and exercising, it's never going to happen. You'll just continue the cycle of eating well for a few weeks or months, until something comes up that throws you off track again and causes you go back to your bad habits.

What ends up happening is that you actually only eat well for a few months, if that, out of the entire year, yet you wonder why you're not seeing any results. It’s because you haven’t been consistent. It’s because when your diet can’t be “perfect”, you just throw your hands up and quit.

What's the solution? Well, it's all about your mindset. You have to view eating healthy as a way of life; you have to realize that just because you can't be "perfect", doesn't mean you can't at least do "good enough". You have to get to the point to where if some event comes along that throws you off track for a day or two, it’s NO big deal. You just continue with healthier habits, no harm done. 

There is never any reason why you can't just pick right back up with healthy eating after a day or even a week of splurging. You ALWAYS have the opportunity to do better, whether it’s the next meal, the next day, or the next week. You won’t ruin your diet with a few splurges. It's the consistent, daily choices you make that matter in the long run.

Trying to be on the perfect diet may be what is actually stopping you from making any progress at all.


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