Workouts Of The Week

I'm going to change my program up a little, but this week was more of an experimentation week to see what I want to do.I decided to stick with jerks and then push presses on Monday. Then I did eccentric focused pullups, which were really hard! They fatigued my forearms a lot more, and I also used thicker handles. Next, I tried something new and supersetted farmer's walks and chest presses, which was also very taxing on the grip. I fnished up with glutes and some abs.The dragonflies were crazy hard this week, I guess because I haven't done them in forever!

1)Clean and jerk: 115x3/120x3/120x3/ Push press: 105x3x5
2)Eccentric focused pullups: 10x6/5/4/4/ 0x5(did one muscle up before every set of pullups)
3a)DB chest press: 40x6/45x5/50x6/50x5
3b)Farmer's walks: 1 arm: 45x30 seconds/ 2 arms: 45x30seconds/45x30/50x30
4a)Seated abductions: 30/30/25/25
4b)Reverse hypers: 70x3x15
5)Dragonflies: 3x6

Weights felt pretty heavy today but that's to be expected after a deload. I went slightly lighter on deads than I was supposed to; about 82% of my max, but I felt that was what was tolerable with good form.I supersetted glute ham raises with some really light split squats, then finished up with more
glutes, abs and calves.

1)Front squats: 135x3x5
2)Deadlifts: 205x3x5
3a)Glute ham raise: 0x8/10x8/20x2x6
3b)Split squats: 20x10/20x10/25x10
4a)Clams: 3x20
4b)Calf raise machine: 135x12/155x10/165x10/170x10
5)Hanging leg raises: 10/8/ Negative rollouts: 2x8
6)Feet elevated banded glute bridges: 2x25

Bench felt pretty good. I wanted to stay around 6 reps and not try to go crazy heavy.Everything else in the workout was just "fun" stuff, so nothing really to explain there.

1)Bench press: 95x6/105x6/110x6/110x6
2a)DB chest supported row: 40x3x10
2b)1 arm DB press: 35x3x7
3)Lateral raises: giant set to 30 reps(15-20 second rests)
4a)TRX reverse fly: 3x12
4b)Lsit hold: 4x15 seconds
5)EZ bar curls: giant set to 35 reps(15-20 second rests)
6)Stir the pot planks and handstand practice

This workout was pretty good. My back was still sore from deadlifts Wednesday, but it didn't bother me on anything but the Bulgarian split squats. I did sumo style RDLs for the first time, and I really liked them! Felt them a lot more in my glutes. I was going to stay light on those, and then ended up using 155 my first set because I forgot I had the extra 10s on there from squats. Gotta love when that happens, haha.

1)Hip thrusts: 185x10/205x10/215x10/185x10/135x10
2)Squats: 135x8/155x2x8
3)Sumo RDL: 155x8/135x2x10
4a)BSS: 35x10(goblet style)35x12(weight at side)/20x11(2 weights at side)
4b)Leg curl: 12/12/12+8(drop set)
5a)Calf raise: 20/3x16
5b)Band walks: 3x15
6)Leg extensions: rest pause set x35


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