Draw Closer

I've been reading through some of my posts from when I first started blogging, and well, all I can say is that I'm sorry! Seriously, some of them were so bad, and I had way less of a filter back then!

I've been tempted to delete my old posts, but I just can't bring myself to do it! I think it shows how I've changed and matured over the years, and there are actually some pretty good posts in there amidst the other crap.;)

One thing I've noticed is how much more confident I am with myself now. I guess that's something that comes with age. But I also noticed that I'm so much less stressed and anxious about things these days. I can see the change that God has made in me over the years; I can see how He has changed my mindset and my priorities in life.

I am more full of joy and peace now that I used to be, and the only explanation I have for that is because I've drawn closer to God in the last few years. I committed to reading and studying His word and praying to Him daily. And I see the difference that fixing my thoughts on Him has made in my life.

There's less worrying about food and workouts when I realize that those things don't matter to Him. There's less stressing about the little things because I know that those things won't ultimately matter in light of eternity. There's less fear about what the future will hold, because I know that God is good and that He has a plan for my life, and I trust in whatever that plan is for me. There's more contentment because I find my joy and satisfaction in Him, not in my circumstances or material things.

You all. God will change you. If you are a Christian and are NOT changing and evolving and growing in your relationship with Him, I encourage you to draw closer. He is really the only reason we are here-He is the reason "we live and move and have our being"(Acts 1:28)! Surrender to Him. It doesn't mean that everything will be perfect and that you'll have no problems in your life, but what it does mean is that in the midst of anything-good times, or bad times-He gives strength, hope, and peace if we stay close to Him.


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