Thursday Thoughts

I've been seeing on my Instagram that a lot of people are deciding to stop tracking and eat more intuitively, and I love it. I think tracking is great for those who are just getting started and have no clue about macronutrients, what to eat, how much to eat, etc, or if you have a very specific goal like a physique contest. But I don't think it's has to be a FOREVER thing, and I do think you can maintain the look you want without tracking.

Too many people just get so obsessive with it, as with anything I guess, but I'm glad that people are starting to realize that and want to venture into eating a little more intuitively. I've found that for me personally, as long as I eat somewhat the same every day, I know pretty much how much I need to eat without tracking. I just make sure to eat protein and a serving of carbs at almost all meals, watch my portion sizes, and I'm good. I've been able to maintain my weight this way, only tracking for maybe a total of 3 days in the last couple years.

And while I don't just eat whatever I want all the time, I don't worry if one day I have a little more fat, or if one day my protein is a little low. I don't worry if I eat out and consume way more calories than an average day once or twice a week, because it all balances out in the course of the week. That is the power and freedom of being flexible when it comes to nutrition. Most of the time, yeah, I am pretty consistent with eating the same meals, just swapping out carb/protein sources for variety. I know that in order to gain weight, I simply have to add in bigger portions of carbs or increase fats, and to lose fat, I'd just need to cut back on calories slightly. I honestly don't think it matters THAT much what the exact macronutrient breakdown is.

If macro tracking is consuming your life, I encourage you to just take a few days away from tracking and see what happens. It may be scary at first, but I think you may be surprised that you won't really see negative results. Instead, you'll probably feel a lot more FREE and less stressed about not having to weigh and log every thing constantly. Now, if that is working for you, don't change anything! This isn't for those who are doing awesome with tracking and getting great results, mentally and physically. The key is finding what works for you, not doing something because someone else does it, or tells you it's the "best" or only way to get results. This is just for those who know that it's getting to be a bit obsessive and that it's adding stress to their lives, not enhancing it.

know that people out there are experiencing this, but I think so many of them are just afraid to stop. I just want to show people that it IS possible, and that there is life beyond MyFitnessPal.


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