Weekend Stuff & Workouts of the Week

This weekend was just a lazy weekend since it was cold and rainy. We stayed at home for our treat meal, went to church and then watched a movie at home after.

One of my favorite meals to make at home for our weekend treat meal is pulled chicken and tater tots! I made my special brownies for the dessert, filled with peanut butter M&Ms for me and thin mints for Matt. And they were amaaazing, as always. Brownies are my favorite! Well, second to donuts, of course. 

Today is my normal Sunday-food prep, laundry, and football! This week I prepped our turkey and rice, as always, roasted red potatoes, and we'll grill up some chicken later. I'm also going to make some pumpkin muffins, since it's been a while since I've made them! Now I'm about to go have another cup of coffee and write up my next 4-6 weeks of workouts.

On to this week's workouts:

I just felt like doing some push jerks today, so I worked up to 125 for a few singles. After that the military presses were super hard, but that's to be expected after doing jerks. I paired those with heavy T-bar rows. Then it was onto dumbbell chest presses. I decided to stick with 50s for all 4 sets, and by this time my shoulders and even my pecs were fatigued! I didn't want to do too much for the glutes or lower back today since I am going to test my deadlift max Wednesday, so I finished with farmer's walks and abductions, then a giant rest pause set of single leg hip thrusts. Those gave be a killer burn!

1)Split jerks: 95x5/115x3/120x2/125x2/1/1/1(rest pause)
2a)Military press: 75x5/80x5/4/4/75x5
2b)T-bar row: 70x4x7
3)DB chest press: 40x6/50x6/6/6/5
4a)Pullaparts: 4x25
4b)Hanging leg raises: 1x10/3x8
5a)Farmer's walks: 60lbs x3x30 seconds(last set had to rest a few seconds half way)
5b)Seated abductions: 3x30
6)Single leg hip thrusts: one giant set to 40 reps on each leg(all reps on one side before switching)

I got a deadlift PR!! I really wanted to pull 260, and I got it! After that I did safety bar squats since I was at my husband's gym and had access to the bar. Those are hard! I don't know how much the bar weighs so I just went with a weight that was challenging but kept a couple reps in the tank for 3 sets of 5. After glute ham raises I did a couple sets of these reverse lunge thingies on the squat machine since Matt always tells me how good they hit his glutes. Figured I'd try them..and oh my goodness, he was right! I was so sore the next day!

1)Deadlift: 185x3/205x2/225x1/240x1/255x1/260x1
2)Safety bar squats: 2x6/3x5(100 lbs added to bar)
3)Glute ham raise: 0x8/15x4x6
4)Reverse lunge on squat machine: 2x8
5a)Calf raise: 5x10 w/2 second pause at top and 10 second hold on last rep
5b)L-sit: 4x15 seconds

Went up a little on bench this week for a set of 5 and then did a couple of back off sets(not to failure) with a wider grip. Wide grip is still just so hard for me. I'm definitely stronger with a narrow grip. After that I did a giant rest pause set of pullups to 30 reps, which was hard! Next was just push/pull superset and some shoulder isolation work.

1)Ring pullups x8/Bar pullups x6
2)Bench press: 95x5/110x5/115x5/105x6/100x8(last 2 sets wide grip)
3)Pullups: giant set to 30 reps (wide grip first few sets, then neutral grip)
4a)Cable row: 100x2x8/TRX feet elevated row: 2x10
4b)Handstand pushups: 7/6/6/5/5
5a)Lateral raise: 12x2x10
5b)Bentover seated lateral raise: 12x2x10
6)Stir the pot plank: 2x30 seconds

I wasn't sure I'd be able to do this workout this week since my back was sore and my glutes were SO sore from the lunges on Wednesday. But by Saturday, I felt recovered enough. I decided to go light with hip thrusts, heavier on squats, leg curls, and Bulgarian split squats. Didn't feel like doing a finisher, so I skipped the sled pushes.

1)Hip thrusts: 135x12/155x12/175x12/10/10
2)Back squats: 135x10/155x8/165x8/165x6/155x8
3a)Bulgarian split squat: 30()x10/30s(2)x2x10
3b)Seated leg curl: 3x12
4a)Reverse hypers: 3x15
4b)Seated abductions: 3x25
5a)Seated calf raise: 4x15
5b)Ball pikes: 3x12

That look when you get a deadlift PR! :)


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