Workouts Of The Week

This week I decided to do some split jerks again and felt like doing heavy pullups, so that's what I did! Nothing really exciting to talk about regarding this workout. I didn't feel crazy strong on anything, but it was a good workout!

1a)Clean and jerks: 95x3/115x3x3
1b)Overhand grip pullups: 0x8/15x5/25x4/25x4/35x2/35x2
2a)Military press; 75x5/85x3/85x3/80x5/75x5
2b)Pullup: 3x6
3a)DB chest press: 45x6/50x7/6/6/6
3b)Ab wheel negatives: 3x10/10/8
4a)Band walks x15/leg
4b)Back extensions w/25lbs x12-14
4c)Pullaparts x25
4 rounds

So this week I decided I wanted to go heavy on back squats. Not a one rep max, but I wanted to at least get some heavy doubles over 200 pounds, since I've never squatted over 200 for reps! I worked up to 210, which I was happy about. Not the most I've ever squatted, but for not doing heavy back squats much lately, I'm satisfied with it! After that was sumo deadlifts, 4x6 with a light weight, about 70% of my sumo max. I'm going to start light on these for now and then work my way up each week in weight. Then I supersetted glute ham raises and step  ups. For the step ups I focused on going slow and controlled, no bounce off the back foot. Great workout!

1)Back squats: 200x2/210x2x2
2)Sumo deadlifts: 155x4x6
3a)GHR: 0x10/20x3x8
3b)Step ups on  high box: 0x10/15x3x10
4a)Calf raise: 5x10 w/pause
4b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x15
Cereal gains ;)
Bench wasn't my strongest today. It is really just my left arm that gives out on me! The last 2 sets felt good though. After bench I did some dumbbell push presses, which were fun. Then finished up with shoulder stuff and overhead carries.

1)Bench press: 115x4/120x3/120x3/115x6/115x6
2a)Wide cable row: 110x10/8/ Chinups: 2x9
2b)1 arm dumbbell push press: 40x6/7/7/30x8(1/2 kneeling)
3a)Lateral raise: 2x12/1x20
3b)TRX face pull to external rotation: 3x12-15
4)Overhead carries: 40lbs x 30 seconds/ 45lbs x 2x30 seconds

I'm pretty sure I got a hip thrust rep PR this week-245 for 8. Squats felt sooooo heavy though! I did pause squats at 155 and could barely get 6! Pause squats are so hard,even when it's only like a half second-it feels like forever. lol. The rest of the workout was good though!

1) Hip thrusts: 185x8/205x8/225x8/245x8
2)Pause squats: 135x6/155x6/155x6/145x8
3)RDL: 135x4x10
4a)Leg curls: 2x12/1x8+8 drop set
4b)Clams: 3x20
5a)Walking lunges: 35x2x10/30x10
5b)Lsit: 3x15 seconds
6)Prowler: low handles 5x10-12 seconds
7)Seated calf raise: 4x12-15


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