Workouts Of The Week

Bench was super light this week on the program I'm following, but 5 sets of 8 still was not easy. I went slower and paused slightly at the bottom to make it a little harder. My pecs were sore after this workout!

1)Bench press: 5x8 (55%)
2)DB chest press(incline) 35x6/45x3x6
3)1 arm overhead press: 35x7/30x9/8
4a)Dips: 12/10/10
5a)Back extensions:3x20
5b)Band walks: 4x12
6)Ab wheel rollouts to wall(on toes): 10/8/8/ Knees- x16

This workout was inspired by a workout from Tara's newsletter (from Sweat Like A Pig) . I've been wanting something different, so it was perfect. The only thing I modified was leg presses instead of Goblet squats because I had done those Saturday and didn't feel like doing them again! And I added calf raises and band abductions. The squats felt really heavy, but I did skip them last week and haven't been doing low rep back squats much lately. My glutes definitely felt this workout the next day! I'm guessing it could've been the 150 walking think?

1)Barbell back squats: 3x5 @70%/2x3@~85%
2)Sumo deadlifts: 8x1 @70% w/45 seconds between reps
3)Leg press: 290x3x10
4)Single leg RDL: 50x3x10
5)Walking lunges: 3x25/leg w/ 1 minute rest
6a)Smith machine calf raise: 4x10
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12 (with pause at top)
7)Seated band abductions: 3x20-25

This was a good workout. I'm kinda sorta liking the push/ pull thing! I switched it up a bit from last week-went heavier on pullups, did T-bar rows instead of dumbbell, and single arm pulldowns. The workout was pretty short, so I did some overhead carries, L-sits, planks, and handstand walks afterwards just for fun.

1)Weighted neutral grip pullups: 20x5/30x4x4
2)T-bar rows: 70x6/65x7/55x8/8
3)Single arm lat pulldown: 12/10/10
4a)Face pulls: 15/12/12
4b)DB curls(neutral to supinated) 14/12/15(dropped weight last set)
5a)L-sit: 4x15 seconds
5b)Overhead carries: 45x3x30 seconds
6a)Stir the pot plank: 3x30 seconds
6b)Handstand walk practice

My glutes were still a little sore from Wednesday, but everything felt pretty good except for hip thrusts, so I kept them on the lighter side. I went a little heavier on split squats this week, and they were definitely challenging. Then I did 50 bodyweight glute ham raises, rest pause style. Needless, to say, quads and hamstrings were sore the next day!

1)Front squat: 115x6/125x6/130x6/130x6(beltless)
2)Barbell split squat: 75x6/95x3x6
3)Hip thrusts: 135x12/155x12/185x2x10(last 2 sets with band)
4)Glute ham raises: rest pause x 50 reps
5)Sled drags: 6 sets x 15-20 seconds
6)Seated calf raises: 4x12


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