Workouts of The Week

So I go through phases every now and then when I'm like, 'I have to switch things up, I need to try something new!' Buuuut I always go back to what I love, and that is basic, compound lifts (and their variations)with lower reps. I will never enjoy "booty pump" workouts, circuit training, and things like that. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not my thing. And I prefer to enjoy my workouts.

So I decided I'm just going to keep it simple. Go back to the basics, with fewer exercises and more sets. There is no set/rep scheme or superset pairing that is going to build my legs. It's heavy lifting and big eating. That's all. I am going to stick with the upper body push/pull split for a couple of months. I'm also going to be following a program for bench and focus on that lift strength wise.

Training doesn't have to be crazy complicated. Keep it simple. Get stronger over time. Eat. Recover. That's all.

Here's what I'm thinking for the rest of the year. I'm sure I'll change it up as I go.

1.Bench press(program)
+pull-ups(warmup sets) or muscle ups

1. Weighted pull-ups 5x5
2.DB bench press or floor press 3x6

2.1 arm DB rows 3x6-8
3. 1 arm DB press or landmine press 3x8

3.Lat pulldown or seated cable row 3x10-12
4a. Dips or cable pushdowns 2 x amap

4.Face pull or Trx reverse flyes 3x12-15
4b.Pull-aparts 3x20-25

5a. Bicep curls 2-3x10-12
Glute work and/or Farmer's walks(based on what I feel like doing)
5b. L-sit
+pushups/overhead carries?

WEDNESDAY LOWER BODY 1:                          SATURDAY  LOWER BODY 2:
1. Back squat  4x6-8

1.  Deadlifts 4x4-6
2. Bulgarian split squat or Step ups 4x8 

2. Reverse hypers or back extensions 4x10
3. Glute ham raise 4x10

3a.Walking lunges or single leg leg press 4x8-10
4. Single leg RDL or Triple threat (single arm DB rdl, low cable rdl, high cable rdl, 2x10) 

3b.Band walks 3x15

5a.Calf raise 5x8-10

5b. Abs 3-4x10-15
4.Barbell hip thrusts w/band around knees 3x12-15
6a. Single leg hip thrusts

6b. Band abductions
 Sled drags or pushes

On to this week's workouts!

I was still really sore in my pecs from Friday, but this week I decided to start with an upper body pushing day just to switch things up! I'll start with bench press next week, but I wanted to take a week off from them so I did floor presses instead. It was a good workout, but definitely not as intense as doing pushing and pulling supersets.

1)Barbell floor press: 95x3x6
2)DB incline chest press: 35x8/40x2x8
3)Landmine press: +10x10/+15x3x8
4a)Cable pushdowns: 3x12
4b)Band pullaparts: 4x20
5a)Ab wheel rollouts(negatives)4x10
5b)Band glute bridge: 3x25
5c)Band walks: 3x15

I went totally bodybuilder this week with my leg workout. I just wanted to do something different! Don't worry, it's not really my thing, so I won'be be switching to workouts like this. But everyone now and then just for a mental break, it's fun to do! For front squats, I went a little lighter this week, but focused on going slower, keeping tension on the quads, and also didn't use a belt. Then I was going to do leg presses, but since it was being used I did hack squats instead. Yup, hack squats! After that was dumbbell RDLs, which were super hard because of the grip factor. Then I did higher rep glute ham raises, calves, and some leg extensions and squat jumps to finish.

1)Front squats: 95x8/115x6/125x6/6/6
2)Hack squats: 4x12
3)Dumbbell RDLs: 50x15/60x12/60x12
4a)Glute ham raise: 3x12
4b)Foot elevated split squat iso-hold: 3x20 seconds
5a)Calf raise: 5x10
5b)Seated band abductions: 3x25
6a)Leg extensions: 3x12
6b)Squat jumps: 3x12

My back was fried after this workout. And my endurance is awful. That is all.

1)Neutral grip pullups: 0x5/15x5/20x5/5/5/ Wide grip: 0x5+ 10 second hold at top
2)1 arm DB row: 50x6/60x6/70x6/60x8/60x8
3)Lat pulldown: 3x12
4a)Face pulls:3x12-5
4b)Bicep curls: 3x10-12
Battle ropes 5x30 seconds
*Also did a few muscle ups

Just kind of came up with this workout on the fly this week. It had  been forever since I'd done trap bar deadlifts, so I just felt like doing them. The barbell split squats were hard, but I actually really like them! Also hadn't done reverse hypers in a while, and I really need to start doing them weekly again. The sled drags had my quads on fire!

1)Trap Bar Deadlifts: 140x6/160x5/190x5/210x5/190x5
2)Single leg barbell Bulgarian split squats: 65x6/75x6/85x3x6
3) Reverse hypers:90x12/110x3x12
4a)Goblet squats: 50x15/55x2x12
4b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10 w/ hold
5)Sled drags: 6 sets x 15 seconds @320lbs
5a)Seated calf raise:  4x12-15
5b)Modified dragonfly: 10/8/6/6


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