Workouts Of The Week

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Thursday we went to my Mom's and then Friday to my aunt's house. 

I had a great time with my family and ate sooo much good food!

I finally got my trees up this weekend, which makes me happy! :) 

On to the workouts of the week!

My glutes were still so sore from Saturday, so it was just upper body this workout. It was tough for me though! I have realized that my triceps are strong, but they have no endurance! By the time I got to the lying extensions, they were just done. And I don't know why, but landmine presses are so stinkin' hard for me!

1)Bench press: 60% x 4x8 (85lbs)
(3x6 pullups between sets)
2)DB 45 degree incline press: 35x8/45x7/45x7/40x7
3)Landmine press: Bar +15 x 3x8/+10x10
4a)DB lying tricep extensions: 15x15/15x12/12x12
4b)Pull-aparts: 4x20
5)Dragonflies: 2x8/Hanging leg raises: 2x8
6)Off set farmer's walks: (53/70lbs) x 4 x 30 seconds

This was a fun workout, but squats felt really heavy! I mean, I guess because they were. But my form felt awful. :/  I went up 5 lbs from last week on squats and deadlifts, went a little heavier on the leg press and RDLs as well. I did the back extensions this week, but I did a giant set to 40 reps and held for 2 seconds at the top of each rep. Definitely felt the burn! Then it was on to the 150 walking lunges, single leg hip thrusts, abductions, and calves to finish up.

1)Squats : 155x5/165x2x5/190x2x3
2)Deadlifts: 8x1 @190lbs w/45 second rest
3)Leg press: 290x10/290x10/300x10/300x10
4)Single leg RDL: 50x10/55x2x10
5)Back extension: giant rest pause set x 40 w/2 second pause each rep
6)Walking lunges: 3x50
7a)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10
7b)Seated band abductions: 25/20/20
8)Calf raise: giant rest pause set x40

Nothing much to say about this workout. I was able to go heavier on my pullups(must've been all the pumpkin pie the day before!). Then heavy dumbbell rows this week, and the rest was just pump stuff. Finished up with a few minutes of battle ropes.

1)Weighted pullups: 0x8/20x6/30x3x5
2)1 arm row: 65x3x6
3)Lat pulldown: 4x12
4)TRX face pull to external rotation: 3x15
5a)Bicep curls(alternating hammer curl): 10/12/10
5b)Lsits: 4x15 seconds
Battle ropes: 5x20ish seconds +
Stir the pot plank: 3x30 seconds

Kind of just made up this workout as I went. Started with front squats, worked up to a heavy set of 6, then a couple back off sets. Then I decided to do deadlifts. I did them touch and go style, and I really liked them, even though they were harder on the grip. It has been SO long since I've done them that way! I didn't feel like doing Bulgarian split squats, so I did step ups. Another set of 50 glute ham raises, reverse hypers, and sled drags to finish up.

1)Front squats 115x6/125x6/140x6/130x6/125x6
2)Conventional deadlifts(touch and go) 155x6/175x6/185x6/6
3)Barbell Step up: 50x3x10
4)Glute ham raise: rest pause set x50
5a)Reverse hypers: 120x3x12
5b)Band walks: 3x12-15
6)Sled drag: 320x 5x 15-20 seconds


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