10 Things All Women Should Be Able To Do


1. Go out to a restaurant and not have a mini anxiety attack when looking at the menu.

2. Go an entire night without wondering what you look like after eating a burrito.

3. Workout because you want to take care of your body, not to punish yourself for eating that burrito.

4. Say yes to happy hour with the co-workers once in a while, without having to calculate if the two drinks fit within your macros.

5. Not care what your legs look like in shorts, or your arms look like in a tank top, especially in 90 degree weather. It’s hot… your skin needs to cool off.

6. Take a picture with your friends to capture a memory. Everyone has a bad angle. Not everyone has the opportunity to make memories with friends.

7. Come back from a bachelorette weekend with your girls and realize that your body may be out of whack, but you’re okay with it. #outallnight #memories

8. Go to bed early after a 14-hour work day instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym because someone told you that’s what “dedication” meant.

9. Play in the pool with your kids during a hot summer day because they think you’re superwoman and don’t even notice (or care) about your stretch marks. #tigerstripes

10. Look in the mirror and be proud of the person looking back.

Had to share from : http://www.hothealthyhabits.com/blog/10-things-all-women-should-be-able-to-do


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