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Bench finally felt a little heavy today. Landmine presses were still really hard. And by the time I got to dips my shoulders and triceps were done. I've realized I really don't like dips anymore! Finished up with some glutes and abs. 

1)Bench press: 65 % x 3x8 (95lbs)

(4x6 wide pullups between sets)
2)Dumbbell incline press: 35x8/45x8/45x7/40x8
3)Landmine press: +15x3x8/+10x10
4a)Dips: 2x10/Cable rope pushdown: 1x25(a few  rest pauses in there)
4b)Pull-aparts: 4x20
5a)Back extensions: 30x3x12
5b)Band clams: 3x20
6)Hanging leg raises:3x10/1x8

I don't know why, but this workout kicked my butt. I decided to switch it up for squats this week and do my heavy sets of 3s first and then 3x5 after that. Then I did deficit deadlifts(just using smaller plates). Leg press wasn't available, so I did Goblet squats, which I really hate but it's good to do things you don't like sometimes. I just don't feel I can go heavy enough to really work my legs because it's so hard holding the dumbbell. I also tried barbell single leg RDLs for the first time, which were really tough. Then decided to add weight to walking lunges this week. After those I was just done, but I managed to get in some glutes and calves.

1)Squats : 185x3/190x3/190x3/165x3x5
2)Deficit sumo deadlifts: 8x1 @ 70%(185lbs) w/45 second rest
3)Goblet squat(with 3 second lowering) 60x10/65x2x10
4)Single leg RDL: 50x10/65x2x10(barbell)
6)Walking lunges: 45(barbell)x3x30(15/leg)
7a)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10
7b)Seated band abductions: 3x20
8)Calf raise machine: 12/10/3x8+drop set x8 last set

Did heavy pullups for sets of 3 this week. Then decided for one arm rows to see how many reps I could get with the 75 pounder. I got 4, and I think I could've done more but my grip was failing! Then just made up the rest of the workout as I went.  I actually did a machine exercise!

1)Weighted neutral grip pullups: 0x6/20x3/30x3/35x3/40x3/40x3/0x8(wide)
2)1 arm dumbbell row: 55x6/65x6/75x4/65x6/60x8
3)Single arm hammer strength lat pulldown: 12/11/10/10
4)Dumbbell bentover lateral raise: 15x12/12/10+6 more(drop set)
5a)TRX bicep curls: 15/13/12
5b)L-sits: 4x15 seconds
6)Overhead carries 50 x 3x 30 seconds/arm

This was a good workout-no squats, but  my quads and glutes were sore the next day! Went heavy on bulgarian split squats and leg press, then did hip thrusts for  heavier than I've gone in a while.

1)Barbell BSS: 95X3X6/75X8
2)Leg press: 210X12/320X3X10
3)Barbell hip thrusts: 215x3x8/205x8
4)Glute ham raise: 10lbs x40 reps(rest pause)
5)Sled drag: 5x15-20 seconds
6)Cable abductions: 3x12-15
7)Seated calf raise: 15/14/14/13

I've been watching some of Nia's YouTube videos, and as always, she has some great stuff  to say. Here's a video I think will resonate with many people:


  1. Lindsay....those quads are growing!! Nice work! :-D ~Jenn

    1. I hope so! Sometimes it's just a good angle is all. ;)


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