Quote Of The Week

"We will look back on this decade shaking our head. We will wonder why we all got caught up on our first world problems of which superfoods are better and the eternal quest for nutrition perfection. 

Everyone reading this post has the basics for life - food, shelter and water, even enough money to pay for the darn internet. 

Yet people in this world are starving and in need of food...any food... and we still sit arguing over whether the gluten in a piece of multigrain toast is the devil or whether a banana contains too much fructose. Whether grains are evil, or dairy makes you inflamed.

The problem isn't any of these nutrients. The problem is we live in a time of privilege, with the world at our fingertips and because of this, we simply eat too much food, too often. That's the cause of our problems."

- The Nutrition Guru and The Chef


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