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This was a deload week for bench, so I just did accessory lifts. My shoulders and triceps were so fatigued by the time I got to the overhead presses that I had to go a lot lighter than usual. Ring pushups were so hard for me, and the tricep extensions on the TRX were killer. My triceps were still twitching when I got home as I was eating my post workout cereal! Shoulders and triceps were so sore after this one!

1)Barbell floor press: 85x8/90x8/90x8
2)DB chest press: flat-45x6/50x7/50x6/Incline-40x2x8
+ pullups x 4x5(wide)
3)1 arm overhead press: 35x6/30x8/25x2x8
4a)Ring pause pushups: 3x12
4b)Pull-aparts: 5x15
6)TRX overhead tricep extensions: 2x15
7a)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge: 4x15
7b)Band seated abductions: 4x20
8)Dragonfly: 2x8/Hanging leg raise: 2x8


Another workout that kicked my butt. Did all three sets of squats with 190, which all felt heavy and slow. Then a set of 5 and 8. After that I did deficit deadlifts again this week but did them conventional because my feet were slipping on the platform I was using doing them sumo style, and I forgot my chucks. Then I decided to do reverse hack squats just for something different, and I actually really liked them. Much better that regular hack squats. Went back to dumbbell RDLs just because I feel them a lot more than with a barbell. For walking lunges I just did 100 total reps, bodyweight only. By this point, I was already whipped. I swear, I was sweating like crazy and couldn't get my breath this whole workout!

1)Squats: 190x3x3/165x5/155x8
2)Deficit deadlifts(conventional) @70%(185) 8x1 w/45second rest
3)Reverse hack squat: 90x12/140x12/150x2x12
4)Single leg RDL: 65(BB)x10/60x2x10(w/dumbbell)
5)Walking lunges: bodyweight x 100 (only one 15 second rest in there!)
6a)Band walks: 3x15
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10
7)Calf raises: 10/10/8/8

Nothing really to say about this workout. I decided to just to bodyweight pullups for as many reps as I could get in 5 minutes. Towards the end I was doing singles, but I managed to get 36.

1)Pullups(overhand grip): 5 minute amrap-36
2)T-bar rows: 70x6/65x6/55x8/45x10
3)Lat pulldown w/handle grip: 12/12/15
4)Face pulls: 3x15
4b)L-sit: 4x15 seconds
5)Bicep curls(alternating): 27.5x8/25x8/22.5x8+drop set 17.5x7

Felt really strong on deadlifts this week,even though I did do them from bumper plates. After deadlifts I decided to do some barbell front loaded lunges, which I haven't done in forever. And I absolutely hated them. I'd rather do Bulgarian split squats any day! Glute ham raises were just as hard as ever. I did hip thrusts with a band around my knees this week, and my glutes were on fire. I really suck at anything over 10 reps- like my endurance is AWFUL- so sometimes I do need to force myself to do higher rep stuff! I did a few sets of sled drags and just wasn't feeling them this week.

1)Sumo deadlifts from plates: 185x6/205x6/215x2x6
2)Front loaded barbell reverse lunges: 65x10/85x10/95x2x10
3)Glute ham raises: 15x10/10/8/8
4)BB hip thrust w/band around knees: 135x15/13/12/12
5)Leg press: 12/15/15
6)Sled drags: 4x15-20 seconds
7a)Seated calf raise: 4x15
7b)Cable abductions: 3x15

So, nutrition update....You all know I don't track macros or calories. I haven't been tracking for a while now, and I've maintained my weight for a couple of years. I like the way I look(for the most part), and I don't stress about my eating like I used to because my physique is just not the main thing I focus on in life anymore. I do make sure to have protein with every meal, and carbs with pretty much every meal as well, and I don't have any restricted or off limit foods, so I'm good with all that.

Recently, however, I've had my weight go down a few pounds over the course of a couple of weeks, which for me is not normal. My weight rarely fluctuates more than like half a pound. So I'm kind of freaking out because I do NOT want to be losing weight.

Soooo I've decided to track this week, and after a few days I see that I'm lower on calories than I'd like to be. Not super low or anything like that, just not as high as they used to be. I mean, I eat whole eggs and spoonfuls of peanut butter every day, along with oats, rice, potatoes, and fruit... so I'm definitely NOT starving myself. Obviously, it's just no longer enough to maintain my weight with the training that I do.

Back when I was gaining weight a few years ago I was making sure to hit a certain number of calories every single day, but since I no longer track I haven't been worrying about that as much. So I'll just go back to tracking for a little while, but I'm not going to look at macros because that just stresses me out- I'm ONLY going to focus on hitting a certain calorie goal each day. I'm not that concerned about gaining a lot of weight like I used to be, I just don't want to be losing any!

Of course, usually what happens as soon as I start doing this is I get anxiety and I'm like, 'this is stupid. I'm not doing this.' But I want to try to stick with it for a week or two just to see what I need to be adding to get in enough.If I find myself stressing too much, then I'm over it.  So I'll let you know if I am able to last to next week!


  1. Just go into it with the mindset that you're doing it for your health, that's what helped me when I needed to track for a bit. It helped me not become obsessive about anything! Always here for you, but you've got this girl! xo

    1. Yeah, you're right! I'm sure my weight will be back up in no time, so I'm not stressing. And it'll only be a couple weeks of tracking. I just start to actually find myself getting more paranoid about eating "too much" fat or carbs, or whatever, if I look at macros. I think just looking at calories won't be as bad!


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