Workouts of The Week

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

It was a little different this year, but we still had a good time. I'm always happy when I get to see Celeste! I couldn't get any good pics of her this year though, because she doesn't sit still! I guess that's a 2 year old for you!

Workouts were good this week, but I'm thinking I'm due for a deload week. Probably not a full off week, just some lighter lifting. Then I'll sit down and come up with some type of plan for my next training phase. Lately I've pretty much been winging it, with the exception of the plan for bench I've been following. I haven't weighed recently to know if my weight is back up, and I haven't been tracking. But I feel like a scrawny little twig, so I've gotta be consistent with keeping those calories up! Anyways....on to the workouts!

Changed things up a bit this week and did incline barbell bench press after regular bench. It was fun to do something different. After upper body, I did some reverse hypers and abductions, and I was really feeling the reverse hypers in my glutes, even though I used a lot lighter weight than normal.

1)Bench press: 5x5 @ 95 lbs- 65%( actually did one extra set on accident-was supposed to be 4x5)
2)Incline bench press: 65x8/85x8/85x8
3)1 arm DB press: 35x6/30x7/Landmine: 17.5x8/8
4a)Ring pushups: 2x12
4b)Pullaparts: 3x20
5) Tricep pushdowns:17/14/13
6)Hanging leg raise: 2x10/Decline bench reverse crunch 2x12
7a)Reverse hypers: 70x4x15
7b)Seated band abductions: 30/25/25

Today I just wanted to see what I could work up to on my own for 2-3 reps on squats. I am trying to get over the fear I have at being at 200 lbs-I want that to be what I'm repping some day! I got 2, with probably one left in the tank. My squats were definitely deeper today at 185 though. After that I did some light speed deadlifts since heavy deadlifts were Saturday. Rest was just quad/glute work as always.

1)Squats: 175x3/185x3/185x3/200x2/180x4/170x8
2)Speed deadlifts: 145x6x2(55%) w/30-45 second rest
3)Reverse hack squat: 160x12/170x2x12
4)Single leg RDL: 50x3x12
5a)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x10 w/12 lb weight
5b)Calf raises: 155x10/170x10/180x10/8/8
6)Walking lunges: 3x50

This week I felt like testing my one rep max for pullups since I haven't in years! I ended up with 65.5, which is a 7.5lb PR from the last time I did it!

1)Neutral grip pullups: 20x5/30x3/40x2/50x3/63x1/65.5x1/20x5+3(bodyweight)/20x5+3
2)1 arm DB row: 60x5x6
3)Narrow grip pulldown: 3x12/straight arm pulldown: 2x12
4a)TRX face pull to external rotation: 3x15
4b)Lsit hold: 3x15 seconds
5)Dumbbell  hammer curls: 17/15/15
6)Overhead carries: 50x3x30 seconds

This workout took forever, but I had a lot of people stopping me throughout.  Deadlifts felt really good. Did them touch and go style again and was able to get 225 for 6. I know touch and go is easier, but hey, if it allows me to use heavier weight, I'm all for it every now and then! Didn't get to the gym in time to do prowler/sled drags before the CrossFit class started, but I did a million exercises it seemed like, so I don't think it was necessary anyway.

1)Touch & go deadlifts: (from blocks)195x3/215x3/225x6/225x5//From floor-205x5/5
2)Bulgarian split squat: Barbell-75x6/95x6/95x6/DB-30s x8/30(1)x10
3)Glute ham raise: 20x6/6/6+10(bodyweight)
4)Hip thrusts: 185x10/205x8/225x8/225x8/205x10
5)Cable abductions: 3x15
6)Leg press: 2 minutes-180x40
7a)Seated calf raise: 4x12-15
7b)Ball pikes: 3x12-15


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