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True and long term happiness doesn't come from a number on the scale or a dress size. 

Honest enjoyment doesn't come from flexing your bicep in the gym and the only one smiling back at you is yourself. These things may give you temporary satisfaction, but you have to learn to think beyond what you see and begin to focus on how you feel. 

If it consumes you...If it controls how you feel...If it makes you check yourself out in the mirror 100 times a day...If it makes you compare your body to someone else's...If it causes you to take an extreme approach...If it makes you stand on the scale before breakfast, lunch, and dinner... It's not healthy. 

And remember, this can apply to anyone- you don't have to have an eating disorder or be a competitor to develop a "never good enough" mindset.

It takes practice and it's not an easy transition, but I promise, when you're mindful of doing what makes you feel good rather than masking feelings by being consumed- you will realize what pure enjoyment feels like.

 -Brooke Erickson


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