Workouts Of The Week


Mine was spent on the couch, in my pajamas, with a fire going in the fireplace. There's no place I'd have rather been! I actually tapped out at like 10 minutes til midnight! 

Then we started the new year off right with a pizza date on New Year's day! It was yummy!! 

Workouts were good this week. Decided to hold off on the deload for this upcoming week. PrayFit is doing a 10 day "fast" from training to start the new year, so I am going to just take the gym completely off, and start the first full week of the  year spending time in God's word. I found a new scripture writing plan for January, if anyone would like to join me! Let's start the new year with our focus on the right thing, and let fitness take a back seat.

On to the workouts!

Finally bench is getting a little heavy-100 pounds! I hate the first month with the light weights but I think it's good to back off sometimes and work your way back up. Everything else was pretty good, nothing crazy.

1)Bench press: 3x5 @ 70%(100lbs)
2)Incline bench press: 65x8/85x3x8
3)DB seated over head press: 30x6/40x5/35x6(?)
4a)Lateral raise: 3x15
4b)DB lying tricep extension: 3x10-12
5a)Reverse hypers: 50x3x20
5b)Band walks: 3x15
6a)Reverse crunch: 3x12-15
6b)Pullaparts: 4x20

This week I wanted to keep the weight a little lighter on squats for more reps. They felt pretty good. The rest of the workout was pretty tough for me for whatever reason. My back was fatiguing on the single leg RDLs more than usual. The walking lunges with 90 were super hard, but even the set with the dumbbells about killed me because ....CARDIO. Back extensions and abductions felt great-definitely a great booty burner!

1)Squats: 155x6/165x6/175x6/175x6/165x6/155x10
2)Speed deadlifts @ 55% x8x2
3)Single leg RDL: 55x10/60x10/60x10
5)Walking lunges: barbell 90x2x8/dumbbell 30x10
6a)Back extensions: 25x3x12/ 0x15
6b)Seated band abductions: 25/20/20
7)Calf raise: 150x10/170x8/180x3x8

This was a pretty short workout. Changed up some exercises and order of exercises a bit. I have to admit, back days are kind of boring to me...I plan on changing it up a bit for my next training phase and maybe switch pull day to Mondays.

1)Tbar row: 45x10/55x8/65x6/8/6
2)Neutral grip pullups(wide): 8/6/6/6
3)Single arm cable row: 8//10/12/12
4)TRX T&Y(alternating): 3x15
5a)EZ bar curls: 50x8/40x10/10
5b)Lsit: 3x15 seconds
6)Ball pikes: 14/14/12/12
7)Overhead carries: 50x3x30ish seconds

This was a great workout, fueled Friday's pizza and Reese cups! ;) Seriously though, I PR'd my sumo deadlift! I wasn't really going for an all out max, but I did want to see what I could get for a heavy single. Last time I tried over a year ago, I maxed out at 225, and this time I got 245 pretty easily! That was also after front squats, which I think helped warm me up more. Then I did some back off sets and one amrap touch and go set at 205, which felt really good! The hardest thing was the leg press this week! I just couldn't go as heavy as usual.

1)Front squats: 95x6/115x6/135x6/6/115x10 (last set beltless)
2)Sumo deadlifts: 185x3/205x2/225x1/245x1/215x3/205x7
3)Hip thrusts: 135x12/185x8/205x8/225x8/205x10
4a)Leg press: 270x10/10/230x12/12
4b)Band walks: 3x15
5)Seated calf raise: 60lbs x50 reps, rest pause
6a)Lying leg curl: 3x12
6b)Lunge jumps: 3x20(10/leg)


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