Workouts Of The Week

This week is just going to be about easing back into things. Not going super heavy on anything. As I said, I changed Monday to my pull day because I just feel I have more energy and strength on Fridays, so I want that to be my bench day. I threw in some handstand pushups between pulling sets today just for fun. For glutes I did reverse hypers and band walks. Even with all of that, it was a pretty short workout. My abs were insanely sore for days after those ab wheel rollouts!

1)Pullups: x30 reps 8/6/5/5/4/2
2)Handstand pushups: 3x5
3)1 arm rows: 50x8/60x7/6
4)Seated wide grip rows: 12/10/10/10
5)Face pulls: 3x12-15
6a)Ab wheel rollouts: (toes)2x8/(knees)2x12
6b)Pull-aparts: 3x20
7a)Reverse hypers: 70x3x15
7b)Band walks: 4x12/leg
8)Ring Lsits: 3x15 seconds

Once again, these workouts this week are about easing back into things. I'm not killing myself, and I'm not using the heaviest weights I can lift. Over the next few weeks I will slowly increase the weights and volume. I am following the same program for squats as what I've been using for bench. Weight was super light today, which was perfect for starting back after a deload. I was pretty sore in my hamstrings from the RDLs the next day!

1)Squats: 125x5x8 (55% 1 rep max)
2)RDL: 135x8/145x3x8
3)Leg press: 180x10/230x10/250x10/250x10
5)Glute ham raise: 0x8/10x3x8
5b)Seated band abductions: 1x30/3x25
6a)Calf raise: 155x12/160x10/10/155x10
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 3x12
7)Bulgarian split squat jumps: 3x12/leg

This workout was hard. Everything felt heavy, but this week I'm not worried about it. I'll try to work up each week. But I do feel stronger when I'm doing push/pull supersets, so just another reason to go back to those workouts after this phase.

1)Push press: 95x3x5
2a)Bench press: 6x3 @70%
2b)Thick bar pullups: 3x5
3)DB chest press: 40x3x8
4)Landmine press: +10x9/8/+5x10
5a)Tricep pushdown: 13/15/15
5b)DB hammer curls: 10/10/17
6)L-sit: 4x15 seconds
7)Band pull-aparts: 1x50

Once again, kept the weights kind of light on everything for this workout. My hamstrings were still pretty sore, so hip thrusts didn't feel all that great, but everything else felt pretty good.

1)Glute ham raise: 1x10/1x12
2)Front squats: 115x5/125x5/115x2x6
3)Sumo deadlifts: 185x3x5 (about 75% of 1 RM)
4a)Hip thrusts: 175x3x10
4b)DB walking lunge: 25x3x12
5)Prowler push-230lbs x 10-12 seconds, 60-ish second rest, 5x
6a)Seated calf raise: 60x15/50x3x15
6b)Cable abductions: 3x15


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