Workouts Of The Week

Went a little heavier on snatches and pullups this week. Back was sore from deads, so I did T-bar rows to give my back a break. For the glute superset, I did kickbacks on the reverse hyper, and man...I haven't had a burn like that in I don't know how long!

1)DB snatch: 40x5/45x5/45x5
2)Pullup(wide grip neutral): Clusters w/ 15lbs x2-2-2-2(10 second rest), rest 2 minutes and repeat for 3 total sets of 8
3)Tbar row: 2x6/2x8
4)Seated cable row: 2x10 overhand/2x10 underhand
5a)TRX reverse flyes: 3x12
5b)Handstand pushups: 5x5
6a)Reverse hyper machine kickback: 4x14
6b)Band glute bridge: 3x 10 wide/10 narrow
7)Ab wheel negatives: 10/8/8

Squats were 65% this week-pretty light, but they don't FEEL light! I went heavier on RDLs and did more reps on the GHR. By the time I got to leg press, it felt really hard! 

1)Squat jumps 3x5
2)Squats: 65% (145) x3x8
3)RDLs: 135x10/155x8/165x2x8
4)Glute ham raise: 15x4x10
5)Leg press: 140x12/230x12/250x10/270x10+250x5(drop set last set)
6)Calf raise: 150x10/170x10/10/8+drop set x5/5
7a)Single leg hip thrust: 3x10-12
7b)Abductions: 3x25

This was a great workout. Bench felt heavy, but it is the heaviest I've had in my hands in a while! It was fun to finally be at a heavy weight. Decided to play around with some split jerks before push presses this week just for fun. Was able to increase on landmine presses. Ring pushups absolutely killed me. My pecs were on FIRE.

1)Muscle ups x3
2)Bench press: 85% 120x3x3 
3)Push jerk: 95x3/115x3/115x3/Push press: 95x2x7
4)Landmine press: +20x3x8
5)Ring pushup: 12/3x10
6a)Drag curl: 16/15/14
6b)Cable overhead extension: 3x12
7)Pullups x10(neutral)
8)Lsit: 4x15 seconds

Deads felt pretty heavy this week, but I did decide to do them before squats this time. I really think they feel easier after squats, but maybe it's all in my head. Front squats felt pretty good, but they still really aren't my favorite exercise! Was able to go heavier on hip thrusts this week, and they felt pretty good. Then I decided to do a couple light sets of Bulgarian split squats and a set of walking lunges.
Was able to use the Prowler this week, so I did about 6 sets pushing it one way down the turf because I don't have the endurance to go any more than that! ;)

2)Deadlifts: 215 (87%) x3x3
3)Front squats: 95x6/115x6/125x6/125x6/115x10
4)Hip thrusts: 145x10/195x8/205x8/215x3x8
5)Bulgarian split squat: One 35lb(weight plate)x2x10/walking lunges w/35s 1x10
6)Prowler push: 270/320x6 sets x 10-12 seconds, about a minute rest
7)Calf raise: 1x60 reps, rest pause set


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