Valentine's Date & Workouts of the Week

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Matt and I went out yesterday for Valentine's Day and to celebrate our 10 year engagement anniversary. :)

We went to a steakhouse that has absolutely delicious steaks. We were both going to get the brownie for dessert, but they only had one left, so we split that and also a slice of cheesecake. It was sooo good. We had a long drive home because it had been snowing a LOT and the roads were awful.

So anyways....on to the workouts from last week. Sorry, no description for the workouts, because I'm too lazy. Everything was pretty good though. Had some back pain that started Wednesday, but I had a wonderful massage on Thursday that really helped. I did take it easy on Saturday and skipped deadlifts just to be safe. Feels fine now, so I should be good to go for this week!

1)Barbell snatches: 65x3/75x3/85x3/3/2/1
2)Pendlay row: 95x5/115x4x5
3)Cluster pullups(wide neutral grip) 2-2-2-2 x3
4)Cable rows: Wide-120x6/100x8/90x10/Underhand: 85x14
5)TRX face pull to external rotation: 3x15
6)Dragonfly: 2x8/Reverse decline crunch: 2x10
7)Overhead carries: 55x3x20-30 seconds

1)Squats: 6x5 @60% (135lbs)
2)RDLs: 135x12/155x8/175x3x8 ( I tried using straps and it's been so long that I forgot how to use they didn't work that well lol)
3)Leg press: 270x4x10
4)Glute ham raise: 15x8/20x8/8/6+0x6
5a)Band abductions: 2x25
5b)Reverse hypers: 70x3x15
6a)Smith machine calf raise: 160x12/180x10/200x8/200x8
6b)Split squat jumps: 3x12/leg

1a)Bench press: 4x1 @75% (110)
1b)Wide grip fat bar pullups: 5x6
2)Incline bench press: 65x10/85x8/95x6/95x6
3)DB seated overhead press: 35x8/35x8/30x8/standing-25x8
4)Dips: 10x10/10x8+0x2/2 (rest pause)
5a)Cable curl: 3x15
5b)DB rolling extensions: 15x2x12
6)Lateral raise giant set to 35 reps

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/185x8/215x6/235x6/255x6/215x10
2)Front squats: 95x10/115x3x8
3)Bulgarian split squats: 25(each hand)x3x12 (30 second rest between legs)
4)Back extensions: 35x12/12/10/10
5)Reverse sled drags: 8 x 20 seconds @270/320/370/390/390/400/400/400lbs
6a)Seated calf raise: 60x4x12
6b)Single leg foot elevated(low) glute bridge: 4x15


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