Workouts Of The Week

This was a fun workout since I added in cleans and Pendley rows again. Also throwing in the handstand pushups makes it not so boring for me. I just have a hard time doing all the same muscle group! Increased weight on the pullups and also did them after rows and handstand pushups. The 30 reps of hanging leg raises was killer. My abs burn SO bad on those!

1)Cleans: 95x5/115x3x3
2a)Pendley row: 115x4x5
2b)Handstand pushups: 5x5
3)Pullups clusters: 17.5lbs x 2-2-2-2 (x3)
4)Wide cable row: 4x8-10
5)Face pulls: 3x12-15
6a)Back extensions: 35x3x12/0x12
6b)Band walks: 4x12/leg
7)Hanging leg raise: rest pause to 30 reps

Today was supposed to be a deload for squats, but honestly, the weights have been so light, I didn't feel it was necessary. So I did pause squats with the same weight I used last week for 4 sets of 8. They felt pretty good, but pause squats are really tough for me. Then I tried RDLs with the trap bar for the first time. I'm not sure I really like them that much, but I wanted to give it a try! For GHRs I did a rest pause set. My goal was 50-60 reps, and I stopped at 56 lol. My hammies were absolutely fried. Then it was calves and a superset of single leg hip thrusts and split squats just to hit the glutes and quads a little more.

1)Pause squats: 145x4x8
2)Trap bar RDLs: 140x10/160x3x8
3)Reverse hack squats: 160x12/180x12/190x12/190x12
4)Glute ham raise: rest pause x56 reps
5)Smith machine calf raise: 160x10/180x3x10
6a)Split squat: holding 25 lb plate in opposite hand 3x12
6b)Single leg hip thrusts: 4x10-12

It was deload week this week for bench, so I started with heavy push jerks and push presses. Then for dumbbell chest press I wanted to get 30 total reps. 50s felt super hard so I kept them at 45s and about a minute rest between sets. Landmine presses were super hard, as were pushups. Like seriously, pushups are so freaking hard for me!

1)Muscle ups 4x1
2)Push jerks: 95x3/115x3/120x3/120x3/Push press: 100x2x6
3)DB chest press: 45x6/50x5(WEAK)/45x7/6/6
4)Landmine press: +25x6/+20x8/+15x9/8
5a)Chinups: 8/10/8
5b)Pushups: feet up x8/ regular 2x10
6a)Lsit: 4x15 seconds
6b)EZ bar drag curls: 3x15
7)Tricep rope pushdown: rest pause set to 30 reps

Deadlifts started off feeling really heavy, but by the last set, they actually felt easier. Front squats were okay-don't think they will ever feel good because I just don't like them. I went heavier on hip thrusts for sets of 8, and they felt good. Finished with lunges, prowler sprints, and calf raises.
1)Deadlifts 92% 225x4x2
2)Front squats: 95x6/125x6/135x6/125x6/115x8(last set beltless)
3)Hip thrusts: 185x8/205x8/225x8/225x8/205w/band x10
4)Walking lunge: 40x9/40x8/35x10
5)Prowler push: 320x5 x 12-15 seconds
6)Calf raise: x60 reps
7)Band clams: 2x20


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