Workouts Of The Week

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Kentucky! Sunny and 70. It was absolutely wonderful.

We went to try out a new bakery in Southern Indiana for donuts yesterday...and oh, my. Yeah...we'll definitely be going back, even though it's a bit of a drive. SO worth it!
On to the workouts!

Nothing much to say about this workout. Cleans and T-bar rows felt really heavy for some reason. My upper back was actually sore from something I did Saturday, but I'm not sure what!
1)Hang cleans: 115x3x3
2)Ring pullups: 10lbs x40 total reps
3)T-bar rows: 55x3x8
4)Seated single arm cable row: 3x10
5a)Face pulls: 4x15
5b)Reverse crunch on bench: 4x12
6a)Band glute bridge: 3x25 w/upper elevated, lower elevated, then feet flat
6b)Band walks: 3x12/leg

This was a good workout. I decided to do pause squats and experiment with doing them low bar, which I've never done. They actually felt really good. Then I did some deficit speed deads. I was able to go up to 185 for RDLs without straps, since I can't figure out how to use them anyway! Ha! Finished up with 100 walking lunges. I was pretty sore in my hams and glutes the next couple days after this one!
1)Pause squats: 145x4x5 (65%)
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 155x8x1
3)RDLs: 155x8/165x8/175x8/185x8
4)Glute ham raise: 0x12/10x10/20x10/10
5)Leg press: 230x12/12/12/10+180x10(drop set)
6a)Calf raise: 150x12/170x10/8/8
6b)Clams: 20/20/15
7)Walking lunges x100

So for some reason I had been really tired the last few days. This workout wiped me out, and that is not normal for an upper body workout! I felt like I could've gone home and taken a nap afterward, which is definitely not normal for me.
1)Muscle ups: 3x3
2)Bench: 4x1 @125(85%)
3)1 arm push press: 35x6/40x5/45x3x5
4)DB chest press: 40x11/9/8/7/5    =40 reps
5a)Ring pushups: 3x10
5b)Pullups: 6 wide + 4 chinups/5 wide + 3 chinups/5 wide + 3 chinups
6a)L-sit: 4x15 seconds
6b)Bicep curls seated: 12/10/10
7a)Pull-aparts: 3x20
7b)Plate overhead raise: 2x15

Totally switched things up for today's workout. I usually write out a plan, stick with it for 4 weeks or so and then just start winging each workout, which is what I've been doing this week. So I guess it's time to plan out my workouts for my next phase! Today I didn't go heavy on anything except for deadlifts. It's nice to just totally change things up every now and then.
1)Deadlifts: 4x4 @85% 2 minute rest
2a)Single leg reverse deficit goblet lunge: 4x10
2b)Reverse hypers: 4x10
3a)Single leg hip thrusts 3x12
3b)Front squat: 95x3x10
4a)Leg extensions: 1x15/1x20(rest pause set last set)
4b)Band abductions: 3x25
10 kettlebell swings
10 squat jumps
30 second rest
4 rounds


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